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Rain Shonisaurus

Bluebell Released

Title Shonisauro Pioggia
Designer Millefiore Famiglia
Animal Shonisaurus
Users Bluebell
Abilities Human Fusion
Power A
Intelligence B
Speed A
Stamina A
Size 2 m
Personality Bluebell's personality
  • Bomba Ammonite
  • Napalm Ammonite
  • Bomba Ammonite Gigante
  • Barriera Medusa
Manga Debut Chapter 267
Anime Debut Episode 196

The Rain Shonisaurus is a Rain-attribute Box Weapon that merges the body of its user with the power of the Shonisaurus through the use of a Box of Carnage. The Shonisaurus specimen that served as a base was a dinosaur with a body length surpassing 20 meters that lived approximately 200,000,000 years ago. Bluebell's appearance in this state resembles that of a mermaid.


Bomba Ammonite

Bomba Ammonite

Through this Box of Carnage, Bluebell gains superhuman cardio-pulmonary capacity, diving abilities, and the ability to envelop her body in an impregnable barrier. As a result, she is unbeatable in battles underwater. She can also float around without using Flame Boots.

  • Bomba Ammonite: Bluebell creates a shell covered in Rain Flames and launches it at her opponent.
  • Barriera Medusa: Bluebell creates a field of transparent, completely pure Rain Flames around her body. This pool of high-purity Flames can make the movement of molecules come to a near halt with their Tranquility factor. In order to draw enemies into this field, Bluebell purposely puts up a flashy protection around its limits.


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