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Raging Waves of the Storm Battle

45 Cover

Dotō no Arashisen
Air Date August 18, 2007
Arc Varia Arc
Episode 45
Opening Song Boys and Girls
Ending Song Friend
Episode Guide
The Stolen Sky Ring
A Reason to Fight

Raging Waves of the Storm Battle (怒涛の嵐戦) is the 45th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Gokudera fights a losing battle to Belphegor, Varia's Storm Guardian. Belphegor's attacks were somehow going right to him, without much effort on Bel's part. However, Gokudera figures his secret of using wires when he fights, and unveils his new technique: Rocket Bombs. However, once Gokudera finally strikes Belphegor, he starts to act strangely because his blood has been spilled, unleashing his "Prince the Ripper" side.


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