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Chapter 399 Cover

Arc The Curse of the Rainbow Arc
Chapter 399
Chapter Guide
Vs. Jager

Predicament is the 399th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Verde comments that Jager does not care about the watches and just wants to go on a killing spree. However, Jager rebuts that there is no difference as the rules do not prevent killing as a mean to incapacitate opponents.

Tsuna is slowly recovering his sight. Fon advises Tsuna to make full use of the time as there is still one minute left. Small Gia agrees and says that their presence will not be of help as long as Bermuda and Jager are together. Tsuna notices that Small Gia's breathing is becoming more laboured.

Mukuro is wondering how they can stop Jager from short warping to their backs. Shells materialise behind them just as Jager strikes Byakuran. Dino realises that it is a steel cover made by Mukuro using Verde's device. However, Jager calls it a useless trick and stabs Byakuran through his chest, making him bleed profusely. Yuni's group reveals themselves and wonders if Jager can warp part of his body. Byakuran grabs Jager's hand and tells Xanxus that this is his chance. Xanxus shoots but it misses as Jager appears in front of Xanxus and attacks his legs using chains. Xanxus cries out in pain and falls to his knee before collapsing, unconscious.

Reborn says that Jager's strength exceeds his expectations and they will not be able to resist until Tsuna arrives. Verde questions what Reborn has in mind and reminds Reborn that his curse is supposed to be broken after Tsuna arrives. Verde uses his present but Reborn says that there is no point to Verde becoming big because he uses his brains in battle. As Verde transforms, he explains to Reborn that if his curse is broken, the power of his flames will increase, which will boost the power of his weapons. Also, with longer limbs, he can control a wider range of objects. Verde commands Spanner to fire. As the object flies, Verde leaps into it and it is revealed to be a Green Mosca. Verde explains that he used the latest mosca frame built by Spanner and loaded it with his advance weapons to create a super robot.

Bermuda asks Jager to destroy the toy. As Jager attacks, Verde launches several attacks of his own using Green Mosca, causing an explosion. Verde comments that he is proud of the fact that he is the greatest genius among all the Arcobaleno.


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