Precious Moments in Time

201 Cover

Subete ga Daiji na Jikan
Air Date September 11, 2010
Arc Future Final Battle Arc
Episode 201
Opening Song Listen to the Stereo
Ending Song Canvas
Episode Guide
Sky Full of Desire
Sea. Clam. Rainbow.

Precious Moments in Time (全てが大事な時間) is the 201st episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


DET Tsuna

Tsuna begins his fight back

The battle between the two bosses rage on, with Byakuran continuing to crush Tsuna with his Transparent Giant Hand technique. Byakuran expresses his disappointment in Tsuna, saying that he expected Tsuna to put up a better fight, and points out that the size of a person's Flames is equilant to the resolve of the said person. He tells Tsuna that this could only mean that Tsuna's resolve about wanting to return his friends safetly back to the past, was extremely weak.
This statement makes Tsuna think about all the people who had been dragged into this vicious battle from the past. Tsuna's desire to defeat Byakuran and protect his friends grow, and Tsuna, once again lights his Ring with Flames.

The pressure from Tsuna's Flames rise, but Byakuran matches the rise by increasing his own Flames.
Flame Battle

Byakuran and Tsuna's Flame battle

Tsuna, extremely determined, further increases the size and strength of his flames, Byakuran acknowledges Tsuna's flames, but once again matches Tsuna's flames by increasing his own.

Soon, the entire area is lit up by this incredible release of Flames. Everyone watches this exchange, overwhelmed by the Flames being released by the two bosses.
Bel and Mukuro seem more confident as they watch their boss hold their own against his Millefiore counterpart. The flames being released, rises even further, and when it reached an incredibly high output, a gong like sound rings across the battlefield.

Tri Ni Barrier

The barriers form around Byakuran and Tsuna

Byakuran excitedly says it's here, Tsuna seems taken aback at what just happened. Two Barriers made up of Sky Flames covers both, Byakuran and Tsuna. The reverberating continues, and everyone around, aside from Byakuran, tries to figure out what on earth the sound meant. Squalo notices, and points out the noise came from Tsuna's and Byakuran's Rings. It was then that Dino realized that the rings were resonating.

Barrier Yuni

The Barrier forms around Yuni as well

At the campsite, Yuni's Pacifier destroyed its protective cover and immediately started releasing a furious amount of Sky Flames, much to Yuni's shock. The flames being released soon formed a barrier around Yuni, similar to the barriers formed around Byakuran and Tsuna.
Her friends and allies, seem taken aback by what was happening. They hear the reverberating sound as well, and figure out that it was coming from the Pacifier. Her allies ask her what's going on, but Yuni was just as lost as they were.

While the reverberating continues, Yuni realizes that Byakuran's and Tsuna's rings were resonating with her own Pacifier.
Yuni Floating Away

Yuni's barrier floats towards the battlefield

Reborn, who was watching all this intently, figures out that the Sky Elements of the Tri-ni-set were calling to one another. His thought is interrupted by a gasp from Yuni. Her barrier had left the ground, and Yuni, quite worriedly says that she has no control over her body. She calls out to Reborn desperately as she begins to float away. Reborn, determined to save her, leaps up and tries to stop the barrier, but even he couldn't do anything about it.
AF Yuni

Yuni helpless, as she approaches the battlefield

Yuni calls out desperately, and her allies looked extremely worried. They soon realize that she was heading towards the battlefield, towards Byakuran.

At the battlefield, Tsuna's allies realize that none of their attacks had any effect on the now expanding barriers. Soon they notice another barrier floating towards the other two, and much to their disdain, they realize that the person inside that barrier was none other than Yuni.

The allies wonder what made Yuni come out to meet Byakuran all by herself. Byakuran answers that question,
Three Barriers

The three barriers coming together

by saying that she was summoned here by Tsuna and himself.

Mukuro notices that the Vongola Ring, the Mare Ring and the Arcobaleno Pacifier were the cause of this phenomenon, and realizes that the Sky Elements of the Tri-ni-set were gathering together. He wonders if the strain put on the rings during the incredible release of flames by Tsuna and Byakuran earlier, cause them three to come together.

Yama Attacks

Yamamoto attempts to break the barrier

As the barriers get closer together, Gokudera realizes that Yuni's Flame barrier was attempting to join with Tsuna's and Byakuran's. The allies realize the gravity of the situation, and begin an assault to try and stop this from happening.

Gokudera fires his Flame Arrow and Xanxus fires his Flame of Wrath, but the two attacks combined didn't even make the barrier flinch. Yamamoto, who had released his Cambio Forma, attempts to break the barrier with a direct assault, but that too, ended in failure. The allies realize, that the barrier was too strong to penetrate,
Three Bosses

The three bosses, all in one location

and helplessly watch as Yuni's barrier completes its merge with the other two, making Yuni be just a few feet away from the last person who she wanted to be around, Byakuran.
Byakuran greets Yuni in his usual sinister, yet carefree way, Tsuna, now finding it hard to put two words together, asks her to stay back, Yuni calls for Tsuna in concern, but is greeted by Byakuran's sinister laugh. Byakuran begins explaining the nature behind this phenomenon. He says that when the Tri-ni-set Sky Elements release an incredible amount of flames, it creates the unique situation they were in now. He says that it's a special stage where the three of them wont be interrupted, that its a stage for the Tri-ni-set Sky elements alone.
CB Yuni

Yuni, as Byakuran taunts her

He then says quite casually, that now that Yuni was summoned, he no longer had any use for Tsuna, so soon, it'll just be Yuni and him, and once again begins to crush Tsuna.
Yuni begs Byakuran to stop, Byakuran glares at her, and asks her how she could tell him to stop at this stage. He starts to blame Yuni for everything that had happened, saying that it was her that had forced the Vongola Members to risk their lives to protect her,
Yuni P Glow

Something glows under Yuni's cloak

even when Yuni herself knew that they had no chance of beating him. He says that her pointless escape, only served to increase the number of casualties that the battle had produced. He says that she couldn't be any more selfish than she had been.
Yuni listens to Byakuran's speech, looking to be in pain as Byakuran continues to taunt her. While Byakuran was doing this, something glowed under Yuni's cloak. Yuni tries to hide it, but Byakuran had noticed, and his eyes had an excited glint as he asked her what that was.
Pacifer Drop

The Pacifiers, which were reviving their masters, drop

Yuni whispers "not yet", which once again catches Byakuran's notice, and although Yuni tried to protect whatever it was that she was hiding, the objects soon wriggled free, and fell to the ground.

These items turned out to be the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, but there was something strange about the Pacifiers, all of them had something sticking out of them.

Reborn and Fuuta arrive, and Reborn explains that the Arcobaleno were beginning to regenerate their bodies, or in other words, they were being reborn.
Yuni and the Arco

The Sky Arcobaleno's power

This information takes everybody by surprise, the fact that the strongest babies were being revived, was something nobody expected.

Reborn explains that he had heard that the Sky Arcobaleno had the power to restore the other Arcobaleno from the verge of death, but even he admits that he had no idea that the Arcobaleno would be revived from their own Pacifers. Upon hearing this, Bel shows a bit of relief that Mammon would be revived, and Lal seemed happy that, if everything goes according to plan, Colonnello too would be revived.

Tsuna and the Arco

The possibility of the Arcobaleno joining forces with Tsuna

Byakuran and Kikyo then realizes that the real reason that Yuni had escaped, was to buy time for the Arcobaleno to be revived. For this reason, she escaped from the Millefiore and begged Tsuna to protect her, and the pacifires of her brethren. Soon they realize, that if the Arcobaleno were to be revived, the balance of the Tri-ni-set would be restored, and if the Arcobaleno at full power join forces with Tsuna, defeating Byakuran could become a reality.

Yuni, tightly holds on to the Pacifiers, and Byakuran after thinking for awhile, realizes that there was no Non Tri-ni-set Policy around to torture the Arcobaleno,
Tsuna Out

Tsuna, as his bones break

and does admit that it would be annoying if they were revived, but Byakuran, quite sharp to notice, points out that he at least had an hour before the Arcobaleno can return. The look of surprise from Yuni confirms that Byakuran's observation was accurate. Byakuran, now realizing that he was right, makes a squeeze motion with his palm, and Tsuna, who was still caught by Byakuran's Transparent Giant Hand, lets out a cry of agony, as the sound of bones breaking echoes across the battlefield.
Collapsed Tsuna

Tsuna collapses, as he was crushed by Byakuran

Tsuna's eyes lose the color it gains when he enters Hyper Dying Will Mode, and Byakuran, smirks as he releases the technique. Tsuna stays motionless for a few seconds, before collapsing onto the floor, and soon, the trademark Dying Will Flames on his forehead disappears as well.

Tsuna's friends scream as Tsuna collapsed. Byakuran, completely ignoring the now motionless Tsuna, tells Yuni that she can call whoever she likes, and he still won't lose, but says that would be a complete waste of his time. He points out that no one could enter the barrier they were in, and says that Yuni was his now.
Camp Arrives

The Members from the camp arrive

He tells her that the Arcobaleno wasn't going to be enough to defeat him.

Reborn, surprisingly agrees with Byakuran, a comment which surprised both Byakuran and Yuni. But Reborn continues, saying that the Arcobaleno aren't the ones who were going to defeat him, that job belong to his student, Tsuna.

G Tsuna Concern

The girls, upon seeing Tsuna's lifeless body

The girls, and the others at the camp rush into the battlefield. Haru immediately sees a person lying motionless on the ground, and to much to their disbelief, they realize that it was Tsuna. They stare at the motionless figure, unable to completely comprehend the situation.

Byakuran grins and asks Reborn whether it was Tsuna who told him that he would be the one to beat him. Reborn confirms this, and Byakuran scorns at Reborn, asking him if he had been paying attention to anything that had happened and points out that he had already crushed Tsuna.
Reborn Confident in Tsuna

Reborn, trying to motivate Tsuna

Reborn tells Byakuran, not to underestimate Tsuna, Reborn then turns his attention onto Tsuna, and starts speaking to him. He tells Tsuna that he had to defeat Byakuran, but still, Tsuna remained motionless.
Mukuro looks at Reborn and thinks back to his battle with Tsuna, and thinks that what Reborn was doing, was the same thing he did back then. He notices that whenever Tsuna was in a pinch, Reborn always appeared to guide him, and encourage him.

Byakuran laughs at what Reborn just said, and says that he thought that Reborn had more of a point to make, but the fact that all he did was give a motivational speech came as a surprise. Reborn tells Byakuran that that's how he rolls and turns his attention back to Tsuna.
NA Yuni Sacrifice Reaction

Yuni's Family reaction to her plans

He tells Tsuna that he wasn't the only one putting everything on the line in this battle. He tells him that Yuni plans to send everybody back to the past by sacrificing her own life.

Reborn explains that the revival of the Arcobaleno takes more than Yuni's power, he says's that she had to burn her "Life Flame", and this will lead to the destruction of her body, and result in her death.

The allies are shocked and saddened by this piece of information,
EX Tsuna

Tsuna tries to get up

Nosaru and Tazaru couldn't believe what they heard, but Gamma didn't seem to taken aback by this news.

Yuni, was surprised that Reborn knew about this, but Reborn says that it wasn't too hard to guess, as she was exactly like her grandmother, Luce.
Byakuran who had listened quietly to Reborn's explanation speaks up, he tells Yuni that he cant allow her to do such a foolish thing, as her life belonged to him. He takes a step towards Yuni but is interrupted by someone coughing.

Beat Up Tsuna

A beat up Tsuna tells Byakuran that he'll protect Yuni

Tsuna coughs feebly, as he tries to get up, he, in a weak voice, tells Byakuran that he won't let him have Yuni. Byakuran laughs at Tsuna, and points out how much he was shaking. He scorns Tsuna, telling him that he could feel Tsuna shaking, even where he was, and mentions that it's probably because his body remembers the beating he had just taken.

Byakuran Continues to Taunt Tsuna

Byakuran continues to taunt Tsuna

Byakuran tells Tsuna that it was unlucky of him to have woken up in his situation. He mentions that he knows a lot about Tsuna, everything about him being a normal middle school student who failed in both academics and athletics, till he met a powerful hitman who thrust him into the dangerous world of the Mafia. Byakuran goes onto talk about Tsuna's battle with Mukuro, and eventually the battle with the Varia. He tells Tsuna that he had been extremely unlucky, and once he came into the future, his luck had finally run out. Byakuran goes onto say that, if Tsuna hadn't been bought to the future, he wouldn't have had to suffer as much as he did, and tells Tsuna to curse has own fate for everything that had happened.

Tsuna surprises everyone by denying Byakuran's theories. Tsuna explains that, although the future had bought him great fear, pain and worry,
WD Throw

Byakuran with his mini White Dragon

and although he was only truly happy for a short period of time, he understands that you have to take the good with the bad, and says that he considers everything that had happened to be precious moments in his life.

Byakuran, who didn't seem impressed, tells Tsuna that his was of looking at things was certainly an interesting interpretation, but that Tsuna should realize, that none of what he said will matter, once he kills him.

Tsuna Struck by the M White Dragon

Tsuna struck by the Mini White Dragon

Byakuran takes out a Mini White Dragon, Tsuna's allies immediately realizes the danger, and Gokudera makes a desperate attempt at stopping Byakuran by firing his Flame Arrow. However the barrier holds, and Byakuran still stands.
Byakuran, completely ignoring what was happening outside, wonders a bit, and decides, that at Tsuna's current state, sending the Mini White Dragon through the heart would be enough to kill him. Tsuna, who was out of Hyper Dying Will Mode, and so had his original personality, panics, and asks Byakuran to wait, Byakuran, however, doesn't wait and throws the Mini Dragon right at Tsuna. The attack hits him straight at the heart, and Tsuna, as allies watch stunned, falls.

W Dragon Strikes Dragon

The Mini White Dragon stopped by Lancia's Boss's Ring

Byakuran laughs at the fallen Tsuna, and savoring the moment, turns to Yuni and tells her that her savior is now dead. But he is proved wrong by a loud scream.

Tsuna gets up, screaming that, that attack hurt. As allies watch relieved, Tsuna rips his shirt, and looks at the Mini Dragon. The attack had been stopped by something given to him long ago, as a token of gratitude from a friend Tsuna had saved. It had been stopped by the very Ring that Lancia had given him after the battle for the position of boss with the Varia, Lancia's Boss's Ring.
Tsuna Reminiscing

Tsuna Reminisces about his time in the future

Tsuna see's the ring that had saved him and begins to realize that everything that had happened up till this point had played a part, and led up to everything he's done. He says that he wouldn't give up a moment which he had spent in the future, the pain, the suffering, the fun, none of it. Tsuna realizes that he was here now because of the people there for him, whether it was Kyoko and Haru's support through doing the chores and helping him, and the other Guardians by being there, or Spanner helping Tsuna perfect his X-Burner, or the Vongola Boxes left to the current Guardians by Future Tsuna, or Kyoko helping Tsuna understand Natsu's intentions, he realizes that everyone of the people he had met had helped him get by, and that he wouldn't be here now if it hadn't been for their support.
GMHP Tsuna

Tsuna vows revenge on Byakuran

Tsuna questions what Byakuran had said about him being unlucky, and says that he was wrong, because he felt extremely lucky, he says that he tresures every moment he had spent since he had come to the future. Tsuna finally says that his flames could only have been born in this world, the world Byakuran rules. Tsuna's Wool Mittens light up, and he continues saying that Byakuran had hurt many people, and Tsuna, now back in Hyper Dying Will Mode, promises to make Byakuran pay for all that he has done.
The 1st Guardians About to Appear

The Vongola Rings Glow

Byakuran laughs at Tsuna, and points out, no matter what Tsuna had said, he had already proven that his power was far superior to Tsuna's. Tsuna's X-Gloves as a voice asks Byakuran whether he was sure of what he had just said.

The rings of all the Guardian begin to glow, much to the shock of their holders. And soon, the 10th Generation Guardian's predecessors appear from their respective rings.
G Appears Before Goku

G. appears before Gokudera

First up was G., who comments on the pathetic look that Gokudeara had on his face, Lambo who once again meets Lampo, nosily starts to comment on Lampo's appearance, Lampo, who doesn't like kid, asks Lambo to keep it down, and points out his dislike of kids, specially runny nosed cow kids.

Asari Ugetsu meets Yamamoto again, and tells him that they would always be with them, watching over them. Knuckle tells Ryohei that he wasn't the type to give up, Ryohei admits this, but wonders what they could do.
Alaude appears before Hibari

Alaude appears before Hibari

Hibari answers Ryohei's question, telling him that he'll bite Byakuran to death, Alaude, who was listening in, tells Hibari that in his current state, that would be impossible.

Daemon Spade, who had appeared from Mukuro's ring, states that it's a pity, that Tsuna, even when he has his back against the wall, refuses to change his stance, and notes that the Vongola do not need that kind of weakness.

H Asari

Asari comments that the 10th Generation had inherited their wills

Lampo says that what Tsuna said, was exactly the thing that their own boss had often said. Asari states that this Generation of Guardians, truly had inherited their wills.

The voice asks if it was ok then. G. points out that they had already deemed the Guardians worthy, and says that he didn't need to ask them. he tells the voice to just do whatever he wants, like he always did.
Giotto Appears Before Tsuna

Vongola Primo appears before Tsuna

The voice, which was coming from within the barrier, agrees with G. Byakuran was confused as to what was happening, he looks around for the source of the voice, but couldn't find it.
Tsuna's ring now glows brightly, as the voice now addresses him. It tells Tsuna that he agrees with Tsuna's way of thinking, and goes on to say that it would like to help out it's true successor personally, but is unable to do that. The crest on Tsuna's gloves now glow brightly, and is projected outside the Gloves, and from the Gloves emerge the founder and the First Generation Vongola Boss, Giotto, who tells Tsuna that he'll unleash him.


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