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Poisoned Love Chocolates

Episode 18 Title

Ai no Choko ni wa Doku ga Aru
Air Date Febuary 10, 2007
Arc Daily Life Arc
Episode 18
Opening Song Drawing Days
Ending Song One Night Star
Episode Guide
Hush Before Entering the Hospital
100% Accuracy? Ranking Everything

Poisoned Love Chocolates (愛のチョコには毒がある) is the 18th episode of the anime series Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


It's Valentine's Day Kyoko and Haru are at Tsuna's house to make some chocolate, only to his horror to find that they are being helped by Bianchi. Tsuna and his friends have to find a way to get Bianchi away from them before she ends up poisoning the chocolate.


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