Poison Cooking: Shortcake

Short Cake Finale

Title Poison Cooking: Shortcake
Abilities Melting, Poisoning, Incapacitating
Users Bianchi
Similar Techniques

Poison Cooking: Shortcake is a purple shortcake commonly used by Bianchi as a finale after the large-scale buffet Poison Cooking attack. It is Bianchi's most used type of Poison Cooking, used in many different circumstances. In the future, this poison cooking was used against Ape with modified functions, turning it into Poison Cooking: Smoke Bomb, which causes a poisonous gas explosion upon impact.

There are two types of this attack:

  • Normal- Ordinary poison cooking, which poisons.
  • Melting type- Only used once when chasing Future Lambo; as its name states, it melts.


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