Poison Cooking: Cookies

PC Cookies

Title Poison Cooking: Cookies
Abilities Incapacitates and poisons
Users Bianchi

Poison Cooking: Cookies is a type of Poison Cooking used by Bianchi. It takes on the appearance of purplish cookies with a dark aura looming over them. The cookies, when consumed, incapacitate or poison the consumer instantly. There are also different types of cookies that result in different effects, such as when it is consumed, smoke expels out of the consumer's stomach, or when consumed, a beeping sound is emitted from the user's stomach.


  • When Gokudera was a child, these cookies were given to Gokudera by Bianchi before his piano recital, causing Gokudera to play haphazardly. However, the viewers complimented Gokudera's playing, calling it "abstract" and "creative"; thus, Bianchi's father told Bianchi to give Gokudera those cookies before every recital. The constant consumption of Bianchi's poison cookies made Gokudera have today, which Tsuna calls, "Bianchi-phobia".
  • Bianchi used the types of cookies that made a sound or would expel something that could be seen from the consumer's stomach to track down Gokudera when he attempted to run away from home.


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