Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion
Countdown | Explosion
I-Pin Bomb
Title Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion
Users I-Pin
Similar Techniques Gyoza-Kempo
Manga Debut Chapter 23
Anime Debut Episode 06

The Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion, or the Mahjong Mega Bomb (筒子時限超爆(ピンズじげんちょうばく))in the Viz translation, is I-Pin's most destructive ability, activated when she is extremely shy (as seen with Hibari) or extremely mad (as seen with Lambo). After it is activated, a special countdown begins and appears on the middle of her forehead. The numbers come from the Mahjong tile pieces' characters of the stone suit. When the countdown gets from nine to one, she will start to glow and then become a human bomb. She likes to hold onto someone when she explodes, shown once when she held onto Tsuna. Her explosion can create a small crater with its destruction, but she is unharmed by her own explosion. Adult I-Pin had this ability sealed away by her master, Fon, but can be reactivated with the words "Broccoli Monster."


  • This technique is ranked 36th out of 816 special techniques, as told by Fuuta.

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