Target 135

Arc Future Arc
Chapter 135
Volume Ten Years Later
Chapter Guide
Variable X
The Missing Reborn

Party is the 135th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


The Varia and the Vongola Guardians are surprised to see Lancia, Chrome commenting that he was the person that Mukuro was talking to all this time. Lancia tells Tsuna that he wasn't here to help him, but to thank him. Ken expresses his shock at Lancia's presence, while Chikusa mutely watches beside him. Belphegor attacks Tsuna, but his attack is intercepted by Yamamoto, who blocks it. Mammon attempts to escape, but is frozen in an ice pillar illusion by Chrome. Belphegor and Mammon surrender, angering Xanxus, who is unable to do anything. Squalo screeches that Xanxus's ambition wouldn't die down, and that Tsuna and his Guardians would wish that they died in this battle. The Cervello go to Xanxus and takes his portion of the Sky Ring from him, giving it to Tsuna, announcing him as the successor of Vongola Nono.

Reborn compliments them on a job well done. Tsuna gazes at the lucky charm Kyoko gave him happily, then loses consciousness. The next day, Tsuna gets up and heads downstairs, meeting Lancia, who thanks him for letting him stay over. Reborn then states that they were going to a party. They head to Yamamoto's house, where the party was being hosted. When Tsuna enters, he sees Yamamoto's dad welcoming him, along with Yamamoto, Kyoko, Haru, Gokudera, Dino, Hana, Basil, Ryohei, and Colonello. Reborn presents Tsuna with his Vongola Ring, frightening him, but Reborn reassures him, stating that it was tame and quiet ever since, and Dino adds on that he wouldn't become Decimo immediately afterwards. Kyoko then congratulates Tsuna on winning the "sumo tournament". Then, Tsuna starts commentating, stating that afterwards, he thought his normal, boisterous days with Reborn would continue, but the next day, Reborn would disappear.


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