Pacifier Warriors

Target 49

Oshaburi no Senshi-tachi
Arc Daily Life Arc
Chapter 49
Volume Longchamp Naito
Chapter Guide
Vacation Resort
Amazing Performance

Pacifier Warriors is the 49th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Everyone arrives at Mafia Land and Reborn explains about the security and investments of the place. After Longchamp and his men left, Reborn is asked by reporters for a press conference but he refuses and reveals to Tsuna that he is a celebrity there. The group then arrives at the beach and starts to go swimming. However, Tsuna is stopped by Reborn and ordered to go to the island's front desk and announce their arrival. Tsuna heads to the front desk where he is asked to demonstrate the correct way of bribing a government official since he doesn't have any invitation or letter of recommendation. He fails the test and is sent to the back of Mafia Land where Reborn accompanies him and where he meets another infant mafioso named Colonello.

Tsuna sees that Reborn and Colonello are rivals. Colonello orders Tsuna to jump in a whirlpool. Tsuna refuses, causing both Reborn and Colonello to punish him. As he is being beaten up by the two, Tsuna hears the voice of Gokudera and sees him waving at him from the other side of the fence. Colonello and Reborn then kick Tsuna to the whirlpool and continue to beat him up. Just then, Longchamp arrives and informs the three that his girlfriend is actually a member of the Carcassa Famiglia who just arrived at the island and started a war led by another infant mafioso named Skull.


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