Kanji Name オルゲルト
Romaji Name Orugeruto
Title Millefiore Soldier
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Famiglia Millefiore Famiglia
Partner Rasiel
Box Animal Heavy Rain Elephant

Rain Pelican

Flame Rain
Manga Debut Chapter 221
Anime Debut Episode 137

Character OutlineEdit

History Edit

Olgert is Rasiel's butler and Belphegor's previous butler. However, he states that he chooses to stay by the side of the true king, who he believes is Rasiel.

Appearance Edit

He wears a black butler's outfit and is bald. He appears to have four symmetrical scars on his face.

Personality Edit

He is very loyal to Rasiel and seemingly has a tendency to make long monologues.

Plot OverviewEdit

Future ArcEdit

Olgert dies

Olgert petrified by Xanxus' Box Weapon

Olgert appears during the Varia's Invasion of the Millefiore's branch in Italy. After Bel and Flan split off from the group to scour the area, he and Rasiel confront them. The fight was cut short as Rasiel, having believed that he had killed Bel and Flan with his Storm Bats, led Olgert to the castle that was taken by the Varia. Olgert fought Xanxus in defense of Rasiel, but Olgert, along with his Heavy Rain Elephants and Rain Pelican, was petrified by Xanxus' Box Weapon and his "statue" destroyed.



Heavy Rain Elephant

Rain Pelican

Rain Pelican

  • Heavy Rain Elephant - Olgert's Rain-attribute Box Weapon. It was stated as a common Box Weapon among Millefiore subordinates, easily controlled and reproduced, with enough power itself to level an entire castle.
  • Rain Pelican - Olgert's Rain-attribute Box Weapon. It is able to clad itself in Rain Flames to form a shield.


Millefiore Famiglia
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