Kanji Name 二ヴィス
Romaji Name Nivisu
Title Bertesca Rain Temple Guardian
Gender Male
Age Late 20s
Status Alive
Famiglia Bertesca Famiglia
Weapons Survival Knives
Box Animal Storm Eagle
Flame Storm

Character OutlineEdit

Nivis is a game-exclusive Bertesca Famiglia mafioso introduced in the third installment of the DS game Katekyō Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat III - Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu!


Nivis has mohawk-like hair in the center of his hair, which is rather long on the right side and is shaved on the left. He has blue eyes, a thin nose, and a perpetual frown on his face. He wears brown armor along with a white undershirt underneath it, and has hung around his neck a silver pendant.

Plot OverviewEdit

Chapter 2Edit

After destroying the Storm Crystal and defeating Carivel, Gokudera and Yamamoto immediately went to the village to gain information about the location of the Rain Temple. When they arrived at the eastern part of the village, Nivis appeared and ordered his subordinate to set the village on fire to kill them. Gokudera and Yamamoto defeated his subordinate and went to the Rain Temple, where they once again met Nivis and fought him, ultimately resulting in Nivis's defeat.


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