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Nii Chan
Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 313
Volume Dark Shadow Arrives!
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Nii-chan is the 313th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Ferro Corno Electro Shock

Ferro Corno Electro Shock

The fight rages on as Lambo's horns and Rauji's jaws clash. Rauji notices Lambo's horns and asks him if it's made of Iron Sand. Lambo reveals that it's not just any random iron, but a super steel coated by the Lightning Flame's Hardening effect. Lambo then uses his Ferro Corno Electro Shock that is able to break not only the mountain behind Rauji, but also his armor. Rauji is sent flying and lands outside the platform, losing the match. Tsuna and Gokudera congratulates Lambo but ends up disappointed when Lambo removed his armor and almost trips.

Rauji then stands up and tells the Vongola that even though he lost, Enma and the others will avenge him. Lambo, not knowing Enma, expresses his confusion, prompting Rauji to tell him all about Enma and their strong bond. Due to being persecuted by other Mafia Famiglias under Vongola, they all lost their families. The Vongola are upset about this as Rauji continues by saying that they share the hatred and sorrow of being persecuted and that is what gives them a strong bond. At that moment, the Vindice arrive and begin to chain Rauji and reveal the second key, a flower, given to them by Giotto and Cozarto Simon. The Vongola and the Simon Famiglia then see another memory.

Cozarto arrives at Franco's house where Giotto and G. are gathered. Cozarto asks what happened and G. tells him that Franco was beaten up since he didn't give the culprits a 90% off discount. Giotto is visibly shaken by this since they live in a town which is a paradise for outlaws, who threaten people for money and resort to violence if they refuse, where the police can't be relied on since they already surrendered. However, Giotto states that he loves the town since even though it's poor, and the townspeoples are always happy. Cozarto then suggest that they form a vigilante group, since if nobody can help them, they need to save the town by themselves. Giotto tells him that in order to do that, they needed a powerful leader that can manage people, like the sky that wraps the rain, storm and sun but Cozarto tells him that there is no one else fit for the job but him. The memory then ends there.

Byakuran's Arrival

Byakuran in the hospital room

The Vongola and the Simon are shocked to see the memory, not knowing that Cozarto was the one who suggested to form the Vigilante group that would one day become the Vongola Famiglia. Rauji can't believe that Cozarto was involved by the creation, and even more that he chose Giotto to be the leader. Gokudera tells him that the best person is always chosen to be the Vongola boss but Rauji argues that Tsuna is not as capable as Enma. Gokudera continues to tell him that he was defeated by Tsuna's guardian, causing Rauji to ask Lambo if it is true. Lambo replies that no since he never thought of him as a boss, much to everyone's surprise. However, Lambo continues by saying that Tsuna is a great Nii-chan, surprising Tsuna and Gokudera while Reborn smiles. Rauji thinks that a nii-chan can be considered as a type of boss. Just then, the Vindice begin to pull him into the prison, and Rauji tells them that he will never forgive Vongola but still accepts them and tells Lambo that it has been fun. Just as Rauji disappears, Lambo returns to his 5 years old self and Tsuna, Gokudera, and Reborn are happy with how the things turned out.

Meanwhile in Japan, Yamamoto is sleeping on his bed when a winged Byakuran lands on his bed, looking at the fallen Guardian...


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