Nigella Bearbunker is a member of the Black Spell. He is shown to be completely bald, with two tattoos: one on the left side of his head, and another on his face. Nigella's only revealed Box Weapon, the "Demon" Bear, has been destroyed.

Plot OverviewEdit

Future ArcEdit

Merone Base InvasionEdit

Nigella is first seen being commanded by the Cervello to protect Shoichi's Research Lab along with Baishana. When he arrives, however, Baishana attacks him. Baishana taunts him into accepting a battle in which, if Nigella should lose, he will forfeit his Box Weapon. The battle is skipped over, and the next scene we see Nigella, Takeshi Yamamoto, Hayato Gokudera, Adult Ryohei Sasagawa, and an unconscious Lal walk in just as the fight ends. Nigella is dealt the final blow by Baishana's eight Storm Stag Beetles. While the "Demon" Bear's paw comes flying back into the battlefield, Baishana's other weapon, the Storm Serpent eats it alive. It is unknown whether Nigella survived or not.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Demon Bear

Demon Bear

  • Demon Bear - A brown Bear with Cloud Flames emanating from its paws. It was later eaten by Baishana's Box Weapon. As the battle was cut out, none of its powers were revealed.


  • Nigella's Flame type was never revealed in the manga; however, the anime showed it to be a Cloud Flame.


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