New Year's

Chapter 31 Cover

Arc Daily Life Arc
Chapter 31
Volume Bronco Dino
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Gokudera's Strengthening Program

New Year's is the 31st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


It's New Year and Tsuna wakes up cold due to the weather. He tries to use the kotatsu but is surprised to see that I-Pin, Bianchi and Reborn are already using it, with Bianchi taking up two spaces. Tsuna then notices that Lambo is missing and sees him outside demanding money from strangers. Embarrassed, Tsuna grabs Lambo and sees that he got some money from Nana. Suddenly, Kyoko and Ryohei arrive and wish Tsuna a Happy New Year. As Kyoko talks to Lambo, Ryohei thanks Tsuna for the invitaion, leaving him confused.

Just then, Gokudera, Yamamoto and Haru arrive and Reborn explains the reason that he called everyone: Today is the Vongola's New Year Family Versus Battle and points out that his opponents have arrived who is none other that Dino and his men. Reborn explains the rules and tells Tsuna that the loser family will be fined by ¥1,000,000. Due to the Chiavaron Family's number of members, Tsuna's friends are also counted as members of the family.

The group heads to the site of the event and Reborn reveals that he would be the judge. The first round is fortune drawing and Ryohei volunteers to go first but ends up gaining -17 points while his opponent gains 1 point. The second round is Feather ball and Yamamoto is the Vongola's representative. However, he ends up getting the ball outside the playing field causing the points to be 21 vs -17, in favor of the Chiavarone Family. As the events continues, Tsuna's team ends up losing every round causing Dino to suggest that they clear the board to which Reborn agrees and announces that the winner of the next round will decide to fate of the two teams.

The last round is the making of a rice cake. Since Dino and his family grew up in Italy, Tsuna's family thinks that they got it in the bag. After both teams finishes their rice cakes, Dino gives Reborn their finished dish which was terrible, making Tsuna raise his hopes. Tsuna then presents their rice cake but is surprised to see that it is one of Bianchi's Poison Cooking, making him lose any hope of winning. Bianchi presents her rice cake to Reborn but Reborn sleeps immediately. Since Reborn is sleeping, Bianchi tries to present her dish to Tsuna and Dino who runs for it, causing the winner of the event undecided.


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