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Nana Sawada

Nana Sawada Anime

Kanji Name 沢田 奈々
Romaji Name Sawada Nana
  • Yamato Nadeshiko
  • Mama (by Bianchi)
Gender Female
Age 34
Status Alive (present)

Unknown (alternate future)

Date of Birth March 31
Associated Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Blood Type O
Height 155 cm (5'1")
Weight 45 kg (99 lbs)
Seiyu Rica Fukami
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Character OutlineEdit

Nana Sawada (沢田 奈々, Sawada Nana) is Iemitsu Sawada's wife and Tsunayoshi Sawada's mother.

Personality Edit

Despite caring deeply for him, Nana has fairly little belief in her son succeeding in life. She does not expect him to get into a good college and had an outburst claiming that he is a loser. She helps feed all the people who are presently living in her house and does not see anything strange with any of them. She's unaware of the fact that both her husband and her son are part of the Mafia, though at times she's aware that her husband and son are hiding something from her, which frustrates her.

Appearance Edit

Tsuna inherits most of his looks from her. Like him, she has brown hair and eyes, and a petite and thin build.

History Edit

Nothing is known about her past except the fact that she worked as a waitress before marrying Iemitsu.

Plot OverviewEdit

Daily Life ArcEdit

Nana first appeared finding out about Reborn's letter of being a home tutor. She's often being seen cooking and running errands for the family. Reborn, Bianchi, Lambo, I-Pin, Fuuta, and Dino call her Mama.

Varia ArcEdit

Nana is oblivious about Tsuna and his friends' fight with the Varia and is seen to be very happy after her husband, Iemitsu comes home. She stays at the hospital where Lambo is charged after the Lightning Ring Battle, worrying over Lambo's condition.

Future ArcEdit

In the Future Arc, she was revealed to be on vacation with her husband in Italy when the Millefiore Famiglia attacked the Vongola Headquarters; her condition in the Future was unknown after that.

The Curse of the Rainbow ArcEdit

Nana is first seen reprimanding Tsuna for stating to his father Iemitsu that whenever he came home, things got weird. Nana then goes on to meet with Iemitsu's CEDEF subordinates, whom he introduces as his "fellow workers" when digging for oil, also happily agreeing to let them stay at their house. When Byakuran arrives and flies up to Tsuna's balcony on the second floor, Nana remains oblivious and wonders if it was a magic trick. When the Vindice attacked team Collonello at Tsuna's house, Nana came out telling Iemitsu that he would disturb the neighbors with the noise he was making. The Vindice then attacked her. She eventually makes a full recovery and her memories are erased, making her think the attack was a dream.


Younger Nana

Younger Nana

  • In the Reborn! Fandom, her number is 77.
  • Nana means seven in the Japanese language.
  • When Spanner was the guest at the Haru Haru's Interview: Dangerous, he was looking for a Yamato Nadeshiko (a woman with a gentle heart). Reborn said that there's only one woman he knows that fits said description and it was Nana Sawada, even though Haru had been hoping to be the one.
  • She had long hair when Tsuna was still young. Her previous hairstyle was similar to future Kyoko Sasagawa's.
  • Lambo is only able to activate his Cambio Forma when he misses Nana, evidencing Lambo's devotion to Nana.
  • She is referred to as Mama by Reborn, Fuuta, Dino, I-Pin, Bianchi, Gokudera, and Lambo.
  • Nana and Iemitsu are ranked first as a "loving married couple" by Fuuta.
  • Fuuta's ranking shows that Nana's omelettes are first-rate.


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