Namimori Middle

Namimori Middle School

Namimori is a fictional Japanese town and the initial setting for the story. It is the place where the main protagonists all met and where they all live. Most members of the Vongola Famiglia attend school here, and Namimori is the catalyst setting for most friendships and rivalries in the story, several battles being situated there as well. It is also where Namimori Middle School , Namimori Shrine, Namimori Diner, and Merone Base (the latter being in the future) are located.

Namimori holds many significant events and locations:

The main characters from Namimori Middle School include:

Less important characters from Namimori Middle School include:

Other characters that live in Namimori:

Trivia Edit

  • Haru Miura attends Midori Middle, an elite all-girls school within walking distance from Namimori, and as such she hangs around the Namimori characters frequently.
  • Third Street in Namimori has the best supermarket deals, according to Fuuta's ranking.
  • In the Japanese language, 'nami' (並) means 'average' and 'mori' (盛) means 'prime' or 'peak', so 'Namimori' can be roughly translated as 'Average Prime'.
  • Namimori has its own newspaper, the Namimori Times.
  • There is also an elementary school in Namimori.