Mukuro and Chrome

Chapter 164

Mukuro to Kurōmu
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 164
Volume Ver.V.R. Arrives!
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Chrome Dokuro vs. Glo Xinia
Mukuro Rokudo vs. Glo Xinia

Mukuro and Chrome is the 164th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Glo Xinia notices Chrome looking at his Box Weapon, thinking that she is admiring it. Suddenly, his Rain Owl's flames turn indigo and attackes Glo. Chrome hears Mukuro telling her to go upstairs and she simply replies an ok. Glo notices that it is Mukuro by the six on his pupil and wonders how he is still alive. He starts questioning himself if Mukuro is his Box, but then realizes that it was during their fight. Mukuro explains that he played a trick on his Gufo de Pioggia. Glo smirks and tells Mukuro that he will defeat Chrome, since she seems so precious to him. Mukuro then tells Chrome that he isn't able to use a large amount of power, and it doesn't look like she can escape Glo either. He states that she will defeat him with the power of her now thawed Vongola Ring. In the Vongola Hideout, Giannini spots the precense of a strong ring by Kokuyo Land on his
Mukuro Ken Chikusa Chrome

Chrome's illusions of Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa.

radar. Lal thinks it's a new enemy, but Tsuna thinks it could be Chrome. Back to the fight, an explosion comes near Chrome and Glo says that she cannot defeat him with such a toy. He then explains about how he is a Funeral Wreath and the Boxes they possess. He reveals his Kraken de Pioggia, scaring Chrome, but Mukuro tells her to stay calm and to draw out the power of the Vongola Ring to help her fight. She ignites the flame on her Vongola Ring like Mukuro told her to do, and her illusions are better than before. Glo still knows that it is fake, but comments on how it has increased in reality. To create a stronger resolve, Chrome thinks of her belief in Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa, forming an illusion of the three.


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