Mukuro Rokudo vs. Glo Xinia

Target 165

六道 骸VS.グロ·キシニア
Rokudō Mukuro basasu Guro Kishinia
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 165
Volume The Sun After The Mist Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Mukuro and Chrome
Ryohei Sasagawa, 10 Years Later

Mukuro Rokudo vs. Glo Xinia is the 165th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Glo Xinia thinks he is "losing his edge" because Chrome's illusions attacked his Box. Mukuro tells his not to be hard on himself, that the illusions are stronger from his skills and the Vongola Ring Chrome possesses. He then states the illusions are real. Ken jokes around about how both Chikusa and Glo wear glasses. Glo twitches, but then uses his Kraken de Pioggia to create whirlwinds infused with Dying Will Flames. The tentacles shoot towards the illusions, worrying Chrome. However, they then see Ken in his Kong Channel, blocking the whirlwinds from hitting them. Glo is confused about how illusions could do such a thing. He then acknowledges the fact that they are real illusions, but because they are illusions, they're not at strong as the real thing. Mukuro mocks him a bit, and then tells Chrome to finish him in one strick, if she concentrates well enough. Chikusa starts throwing his yo-yos, but doesn't seem to do much. Glo calls Mukuro simple minded, causing Mukuro to strick at him with his trident. Even though there is four people fighting, Glo says that his Kraken has 10 tentacles. One gets close to attacking Mukuro, but he dodges. Chikusa tells Chrome that one is coming her way and she starts
Glo Defated

Glo Xinia Defeated

to run. In the Vongola Hideout, Giannini is unable to confirm if the signal radars are real at Kokuyo Land. Then they suddenlt receive an "assassin squad code". Chrome manages to escape being hit from the Kraken, putting Glo into excitement. Ken and Chikusa are ready to finish him off. Chrome tricks Glo into thinking that Mukuro is the real thing, but then turned into illusion. Chikusa creates doubles of his body, confusing Glo, and throws his yo-yos so the needles come out and get a direct hit to Glo and his Kraken. Mukuro tells him that he planned this all from the start and they defeat Glo in a big explosion. From the outside, a stranger waits, wondering if he is too late and hoping the kid was the extreme.


*Note: Bold + Italicized = First Appearance

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