Mukuro Is Here!

Target 116

Mukuro Kuru
Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 116
Volume The Mist Guardian
Chapter Guide
3 Wins, 3 Losses

Mukuro Is Here! is the 116th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


As Mammon expresses his surprise at hearing a man's voice, a trident slams down, causing Mammon to fall over in surprise. Mukuro says he has come back from the "other side of the cycle". Mammon convinces himself that Mukuro is just an illusion and creates an illusionary blizzard, encasing Mukuro in ice. Mukuro counters by thawing himself out and strangling Mammon with lotus flowers.

Mammon breaks free and creates illusionary clones of himself. Mukuro activates his Realm of Demons and swipes at Mammon. Mukuro then follows up with an illusionary vortex and lotus flower-wrapped flame pillars. As the battle continues, Tsuna receives a memory from Mukuro. He sees Mukuro in Vendicare Prison, Mukuro staying behind and getting captured by the Vindice to give Ken and Chikusa time to escape, and Iemitsu offering a Mukuro-possessed Chrome the position of Vongola Mist Guardian in return for the safety of Ken and Chikusa. As the memories end, Mukuro is suddenly encased by one of Mammon's illusions. Even after Mammon increases the illusion's power, Mukuro breaks free with more lotus flowers, ready to end the battle.


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