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Title Motorcycles
Weapon Motorcycles/airbikes
Abilities To provide transport on ground and in air
Manga Debut Chapter 232
Anime Debut Episode 160

Motorcycles are modes of transport used by the Vongola Choice team to combat the mobility issues of the 10 kilometer Choice battleground. Created by Giannini, they now run on Dying Will Flames and are internally equipped with Mammon Chains to avoid radar detection. A considerable amount of energy is required to support the power needed to hover. In that respect, Dying Will Flames are more than sufficient.

In the anime, the crafts are Airbikes instead of Motorcycles, using streams of pressurized air to hover. They already ran on Dying Will Flames before any redesigning on Giannini's part, and the entire cowl and engine cover are made of the same material as Mammon Chains. Highly pressurized air shoots out of the nozzles to lift the entire vehicle. Aerial movements also utilize the pressurized air. It has the same principle as a hovercraft. The body of the airbike is made from nano-carbon ceramic to keep it extremely light. It weighs 30% of what a normal motorcycle would. At the same time, it can endure 60% more stress. All Giannini and Spanner did was customize the Bikes to each owner. For example, Ryohei's Bike is reinforced to handle the stress that he puts on it by constantly driving at the maximum speed (often straight into walls).


Anime AirbikesEdit

In the anime, the Airbikes have identical appearances aside from differences in coloration.

Tsuna: White, Blue, and Orange Airbike

Gokudera: Red and Black Airbike

Yamamoto: Green Airbike.

Ryohei: Yellow and Green Airbike.

Basil: Blue Airbike.

Manga MotorbikesEdit

Tsuna: Honda 250cc NSR Rothmans.

Gokudera: Harley-Davidson Sportster XL 883L or 883C (883cc) with customized gas tank

Yamamoto: Ducati Monster S4 (916cc) with Termignoni dual exhaust pipes

Ryohei: Honda CBR 400cc RR with customized livery

Basil: Unknown design, but it was stated that he practiced with the others, specifically Gokudera.

The Vongola Members' AdaptabilityEdit

Takeshi YamamotoEdit

Yamamoto did not take to his motorcycle at first, but since he is the best athlete in the Vongola Famiglia, he has fast reflexes and can adjust to any form of physical activity quickly and steadily. After a few rounds of riding, he was already able to ride flourishingly well.

Hayato GokuderaEdit

Gokudera was the first to successfully ride his motorcycle, and it seems that he has a natural-born talent for it, claiming riding to be easy. He bases his skill on theory and technique.

Ryohei SasagawaEdit

Ryohei rides his motorcycle fast and hard, without any knowledge of how the bike works, and without any experience. The first few times he rode his bike, he rode it straight into the wall at maximum speed, declaring that "extreme men did not turn." However, since he is never afraid of anything, he got back up from his encounter with the wall without severe injuries, and continued to practice until he succeeded. His bike is reinforced to handle the stress that he puts on it by constantly driving at the maximum speed.

Tsunayoshi SawadaEdit

Tsuna was the slowest to learn how to ride and was thrown off his motorcycle several times. It took the help and encouragement of all his friends to start the engine and keep practicing. He has the slowest bike out of everyone and is still clumsy when it comes to riding.


Basil was on the same page as Gokudera and rode his bike successfully in one try.

Trivia Edit

  • Tsuna has the weakest motorcycle, at 250cc.
  • Though the motorcycles are based on real-world models, Amano drew them in certain features to make them unique to their owners.
  • In the anime adaptation, the motorcycles are airbikes.
  • The motorcycles/airbikes' colors are based on the color of their respective flames except for Yamamoto's bike which is green.


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