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Monster Tamer Tsuna
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Monster Tamer Tsuna is a series of short clips featuring chibi forms of primary or secondary characters shown at the end of episodes, debuting at Episode 155 and the last Episode at Episode 157. It began again with Episode 179 and ended in Episode 192.


Loser Tsuna being bullied
Tsuna getting beaten up by the village kids
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Rebo talks with Tsuna
Rebo tells Tsuna that he’s the hero, the descendant of a long line of monster tamers
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The story starts with Tsuna getting beaten up by the village kids. Rebo appears, asking if he’s Tsuna, the weakest boy of the village who always gets beaten up.
Tsuna running away
Tsuna runs out of the house whimpering that he can’t do that
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At Tsuna’s house, Rebo tells Tsuna that he’s the hero, the descendant of a long line of monster tamers. It is his duty to use his power to defeat evil monsters. Tsuna runs out of the house whimpering that he can’t do that. Rebo follows and knocks him down. The next village is being attacked by Hibarin. Blood-Sucking Hibarin is a very evil monster who attacks peaceful villages, who sucks the people that resist dry.
Rebo tells Tsuna that he just needs the Mon-Mon Candy to release the power inside him so he can become the Monster Tamer Hyper-Tsuna.
Hyper Monster Tamer Tsuna
Hyper Monster Tamer Tsuna
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They go on a journey to find it. After crossing bridges and woods, they reach a cave. They first need to get Leo-X.
Tsuna easily defeated by Hibarin
Hibarin whacking Tsuna with his Tonfas and sending Tsuna flying
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After they reach the cave, Rebo’s hat turns into Leo-X. Tsuna wails because Leo-X was there all along, and the trip was pointless.
Rebo says it is now time to face Hibarin. Hibarin runs in front of them. He says the lines: he has been waiting for Monster Tamer Tsuna, he will suck all who resist to death. Tsuna starts running away but Rebo trips him and says that Tsuna should be fine if he has the Mon-Mon Candy. Leo-X changes from the hat into the lizard and tries to lay the Mon-Mon Candy, but the lizard lays nothing. Rebo says Leo-X is constipated. Hibarin runs in quickly as Tsuna wails, and Rebo tells Tsuna to wait patiently. At the last moment, Leo-X pops out the Mon-Mon Candy, which flies into Tsuna’s mouth. Tsuna goes into the Hyper Dying-Will Mode, but that doesn’t stop Hibarin from whacking at Tsuna with the tonfa and sending Tsuna flying off. Tsuna wails, "Why does a vampire use tonfas?"
Moster Tamer Story 2
Tsuna, Eldo Rebo, and Leo-X meet Automaton Ryohei
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Rebo forgot to tell Tsuna that Blood-Sucking Hibarin is invincible.
After Tsuna was defeated, Rebo tells him that he must use other monsters to help him. As they walk, they go to a laboratory. Inside the laboratory, they meet a monster that looks like Ryohei. Rebo explains that this monster is an automaton that was secretly developed by a mad scientist.
Gokudera Werewolf
Bandit Werecat Gokudera appears
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While they are there, Rebo puts a Mon-Mon Candy in Automaton Ryohei's mouth because the Monster's power has been sealed within. When he wakes up, he acts just like Ryohei in the anime, and talks TO THE EXTREME! After he wakes up, he goes berserk. Rebo explains that Automaton Ryohei has exceptional power. He then thanks Tsuna for bringing him back to life by hugging him really hard.
Werecat Gokudera And His Love Of Fish
The Bandit playing and eating Tsuna's fish
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After that, the Automaton runs out of power, so Tsuna has to carry him as they go on.
While they go on, night falls and they have to "camp out" because Rebo states that Tsuna is slow. Tsuna replies that Automaton Ryohei is heavy. As they talk, Bandit Werecat Gokudera appears and attacks Tsuna. While the bandit attacks Tsuna, Tsuna dropped a fish. The bandit gets excited over and starts to eat it, stating how much he loved fish.
Lambo-san The Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt Lambo appears
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While the bandit eats, Tsuna wonders if the werewolf is actually a werecat. The surprised bandit states that Tsuna was the first one to realize he was a werecat. After this, he decided to go with the "Boss" (Tsuna) on their journey.

While they walk, rain comes and the gang go into a cave. While this happens, the rain stops. When Tsuna comes back outside, it rains again. Tsuna comes inside and the rain stopped. Gokudera comes outside, and it rains. He figures out that it rains when one of them comes outside and is sunny when everyone is inside. After he explained this, Lightning Bolt Lambo comes and tell them that they are correct.

Elder Rebo decides to ignore Lightning Bolt Lambo, and they set off on their journey again, with Lightning Bolt Lambo following them, and threating them. Elder Rebo, quite annoyed by Lightning Bolt Lambo, gives Tsuna his Mon-Mon candy to punish Lightning Bolt Lambo. As Tsuna's power is released, he easily beats down Lightning Bolt Lambo, who tearfully apologizes. They set off on their journey once again, but with Lightning bolt Lambo following them. This makes Tsuna wonder if Lightning Bolt Lambo just wanted someone to play with.
The Merry Zombie
The Merry Zombie Yamamoto
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The group make their way through a graveyard, which seriously scares Tsuna. Elder Rebo mentions that this was an excellent place to find monsters. Werecat Gokudera chimes in saying that he'll protect Tsuna, but Tsuna states that he would rather not fight monsters, to which a voice says "Then why not be friends with one?". Out comes the Merry Zombie Yamamoto. Tsuna, seriously scared, starts screaming, before the Merry Zombie, explains that he just wants to be friends, and puts out his hand to gesture a handshake. Unfortunately, as Tsuna was about to shake it, his arm falls off, to which the Merry Zombie says (quite cheefully) that his arm is all rotten. This freaks Tsuna out, and he once again starts screaming.

The story of the broken arm continues. Yamamoto laughs and says that it can just be reattached. Because he is so cheerful, it creeps out Lambo and Gokudera.
Weredog Mummy Monster Tamer Golem
Mukuro's Group
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Rebo just says that he probably died happily with no regrets. But, Yamamoto-zombie cheerfully corrects him, saying that he fell into a trap after being backstabbed by his friends, which turned him into a zombie. Tsuna cries out "That's a terrible way to die!" Yamamoto asks to join the group, and he moves forward but he suddenly stops. His body gets stuck in a tree, and his brain jumps out onto a tree branch!! The brain, Takeshi, happily apologizes for getting stuck. (Yamamoto Takeshi is the rain guardian's full name, so the body is named Yamamoto, and the brain is named Takeshi.) Then Zombie Yamamoto and Brain Takeshi join the group.
Shocked MT Mukuro
Mummy Chrome's brain
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As the group continue their journey, they run into a new band of monsters. The head of that group, Monster Tamer Mukuro, states that he will be the one to defeat Hibarin. Tsuna was more than happy to hand the duty to them; however, Elder Rebo emphasizes that Tsuna will have to be the one to defeat Hibarin. Mukuro proposes a fight to decide the matter. Mukuro commands Weredog Ken to attack but he was too busy digging a hole to listen. Next Mukuro commands Golem Kakipi to attack, but Kakipi's glasses had slipped, so he inadvertently hits Mukuro.
Cheap Trick
Tsuna's group stuck
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Mukuro then commands Mummy Chrome to attack. Chrome tries to attack, but like Yamamoto, her brain, Dokuro-chan (Chrome Dokuro), is stuck to a branch of a tree. Mukuro finally uses his last trump card: a white flag, indicating his surrender.
Finally, Tsuna and the others make their way to Hibarin's residence, Castle Hibari. The doors open, and they go inside with no regrets. Suddenly, the doors close, and the party is trapped between the two doors.
Hibarin vs MT Tsuna
Hibarin and Monster Tamer Tsuna Clash Again
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When they were inside the castle, Hibarin shows himself and introduces himself to the group. Rebo tells Hibarin that Tsuna is here to slay him. Hibarin attacks them and completely wipes out Tsuna's party, except for Yamamoto's brain, Takeshi.

Takeshi takes the Mon-Mon candy from an unconscious Elder Rebo and puts it in Tsuna's mouth. When Tsuna eats it, he also eats Takeshi's right hand. Then, Tsuna's Hyper Dying Will Mode is activated. Hibarin and Tsuna start fighting, but are equally matched. Then, Tsuna's head opens and his brain jumps out in Hyper Dying Will Mode and deals the final blow to Hibarin. When everyone awakens, Elder Rebo states that Tsuna is now a zombie for eating Takeshi's hand, and then Tsuna's head opens to reveal his brain, Sawada. After that, they all leave the castle, victorious. Hibarin then awakens and vows revenge on Monster Tamer Tsuna.


MTT Group
Rebo, Leo-X, Tamer Tsuna, Werecat Gokudera, Automaton Ryohei and Lightning Bolt Lambo
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  • The Monster Tamer Tsuna series first began in the manga and is included in the final volume of the series.
    Chibi MTT
    Monster Tamer Tsuna in the manga
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  • In the Reborn! manga and Reborn! Colore art book, there is a full color page containing all the characters of Monster Tamer Tsuna.
  • When Monster Tamer Tsuna began again in Episode 179, the logo was different than from the first 3 Episodes.
  • All of the characters shown were in their chibi form.
  • Mukuro could be a descendant of the Monster Tamers because of his name, Monster Tamer Mukuro.

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