Mist Flame
Soft | Hard
Mist Flame
Color Indigo
Romaji Kiri
Characteristic Costruzione (Construction)
Ability Materialization
Users Mist Flame Users
Belongs To Dying Will Flames of the Sky

The Mist Flame's characteristic, Construction, makes the Mist Flame optimal to be used along with illusions. They are described as having a low density and, consequentially, a weak offensive power, although its offensive use, as shown in the battle between Mammon and Mukuro, can be for the target to lose their sanity rather than their life. However, illusions are able to be used to fool senses such as eyesight, hearing, and touch, which is optimal to be used for either escaping or rendering the opponent vulnerable for an attack. Mist Flames can also heal in a way, such as Mukuro being able to create illusionary organs for Chrome and Mammon creating an illusionary heart for Squalo.

Like Sky Flames, there are two types of Mist Flames which are hard and soft. Though generally possessing a relatively weak density level, the maximum solidity of a Mist flame results in it being much darker, foggier, stronger, and more compact. However, softer Mist Flames are much easier to use and control in the matter of speed and overwhelming effectivity. All illusionists seem to have access to both types of these Flames.