Please note that this is the Reborn Wiki's article on Merone Base, Shoichi Irie's Box Weapon. If you are looking for the article on Melone Base, the 189th Reborn! manga chapter, then you should head to Melone Base.

Merone Base

Merone Base

Title Merone Base
Designer Shoichi Irie
Size 0.3km x 0.3km x 1km (0.18 miles x 0.18 miles x 0.6 miles)
Abilities Room Movement
Users Shoichi Irie
Manga Debut Chapter 189
Anime Debut Episode 110

The Merone Base is the Millefiore Base stationed in Japan. It is connected to an underground shopping mall. Strictly speaking, it is not a Box Weapon, but a giant architectural structure that transforms itself from the Ring's Flames. It is a state-of-the-art hideout that Shoichi Irie designed by Byakuran's orders using cutting-edge technology. By using the activation factor of the Sun-attribute, the vegetation (moss) in the space between each block grows and its strength is used for the base's operation, making this design ecologically friendly.

Four A-Rank officers (the bearers of the Fake Mare Rings) were dispatched to the Merone Base: Gamma, Genkishi, Glo Xinia, and Shoichi Irie, with Shoichi as the commanding officer.

Future Arc Edit

During the Merone Base Invasion Operation (as a part of the simultaneous attack on the Millefiore Famiglia orchestrated by the Vongola Famiglia), Future Lal Mirch, Tsunayoshi Sawada, Future Ryohei Sasagawa, Hayato Gokudera and Takeshi Yamamoto invaded this location in search for the White Round Time Machine.

Unfortunately for them, they immediately encounter Ginger Bread, whom Lal Mirch battles. After that, Shoichi used the base's ability to further split up their group and lead them into battling separately against Gamma, Genkishi, Spanner, Iris Hepburn, and Baishana.

Future Kyoya Hibari, Future Tetsuya Kusakabe, Chrome Dokuro, Lambo and I-Pin later also invade the Base.

Battles that occurred in the Merone Base:

  • Ginger Bread vs Lal Mirch
  • Baishana vs Sasagawa Ryohei
  • Gamma vs Gokudera Hayato
  • Genkishi vs Yamamoto Takeshi
  • Spanner vs Sawada Tsunayoshi
  • Genkishi vs Future Hibari Kyoya
  • Iris Hepburn vs Sawada Tsunayoshi
  • Genkishi vs Sawada Tsunayoshi


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