Maximum Sunshine Counter


Title Mamimum Sunshine Counter
Abilities Burn
Users Ryohei Sasagawa
Similar Techniques
Manga Debut Chapter 308

Maximum Sunshine Counter(極限 [マキシマム] サンシャイン カウンタ, Makishimamu Sanshain Kaunta) is an offensive move utilized by the Sun Vongola Guardian Ryohei Sasagawa.

When Ryohei's Sun Bangle reaches 100% Sun Flame charge, he is able to unleash the full power of the Sunshine Counter to launch a punch capable of burning anything in its attack radius.
Due to being at full power the attack is limited not only to what is in front effecting anything around the epicenter, even Ryohei himself. The explosion is devastating enough to completely clear a wide area of forest forcing even those outside the range of the attack to take cover. The resulting force and effect makes the attack look just like the sun, a symbol of Ryohei being the Vongola Sun Guardian.

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