Maximum Ingram

CF Ingran

Title Maximum Ingram
Users Ryohei Sasagawa
Similar Techniques
Manga Debut Chapter 189
Anime Debut Episode 110

Maximum Ingram (極限イングラム(マキシマムイングラム), Kyokugen Inguramu ( Makishimamu Inguramu)) is an attack created and utilized by the future Ryohei Sasagawa. This attack uses high speed footwork (copied from Lussuria) to multiply the number of blows dealt by the original Maximum Cannon attack. This creates the illusion that the user is striking three places at once. The attack is powerful enough to lift and throw the giant Storm Serpent. The younger Ryohei is also capable of this attack without his Vongola Box Weapon, though with it the number of blows are increased tenfold due to the Sun Flame's activation characteristic that dramatically increases his speed as well as his physical strength.


  • During Haru Haru's Interview: Dangerous, Future Ryohei mentioned that he had considered Maximum Climax, Beeline, and Unlimited when naming the attack, but went with Ingram because it was more "extreme".
  • An ingram is a type of machine pistol.

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