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Many Arrives!

Volume 2

Iroiro Kuru!
Volume Info
Japanese Release Date December 27, 2004
English Release Date January 2, 2007
Volume Number 02
Volume Guide
Here Comes Reborn!
Faintly Arrives!

Many Arrives! (色々来る!, Iroiro Kuru!) is the 2nd volume of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! manga by Akira Amano.



An assassin named Bianchi travels to Japan to kill Tsuna, so Reborn – the person she loves – can be free from his duties, but Tsuna manages to survive each of her attacks. Another girl named Haru Miura is also infatuated with Reborn, but after being saved by Tsuna, she ends up having a crush on him. Meanwhile, Reborn starts gathering people to make them part of Tsuna's own family, and arranges a boxing fight between Tsuna and Kyoko's brother, Ryohei, whom the former later becomes friend's with. He also arranges Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto to fight against Kyoya Hibari, their school's Disciplinary Committee leader, who defeats them, though becomes impressed with Reborn. Another assassin called Doctor Shamal meets Tsuna and heals him from an illness caused by the overuse of the Dying Will Bullet.

Characters IntroducedEdit

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