Title Macchina Hitman
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Famiglia Macchina Famiglia
Partner Lenny
Manga Debut Chapter 176.1

Character OutlineEdit

Manny is a cyborg and a member of the Macchina Famiglia. Manny and Lenny both appear as special hitmen sent by their Famiglia to prove that cyborgs were better hitmen than humans. The only way they could show this was by defeating Reborn, who was the best hitman around. Manny, unlike Lenny, doesn't get completely angry at the mention of Reborn, but he does aid in the beating up of Lambo.

Manny's special ability is cyborg strength. When fused with Lenny, he gains Lenny's speed.

Manny, while fused with Lenny, was destroyed by Reborn's use of his Dying Will Bullet and Pacifier.

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