Mangusta 2

Gender Male
  • 43 (Present)
  • 53 (Future)
Status Alive
Date of Birth March 23
Famiglia Tomaso Famiglia
Blood Type A
Height 185cm
Weight 72kg
Manga Debut Chapter 44

Mangusta is the butler and tutor of Longchamp. He is the only one who takes the Vongola and Tomaso Famiglias' rivalry seriously and greatly tries to discourage Longchamp from being friends with Tsuna. He also possesses the Desolation Bullet, which he uses to shoot Longchamp, or anyone else for that matter, to agree to Longchamp's wishes.


  • Like other members of the Tomaso Famiglia, he is named after a car of the De Tomaso company. He is named after the De Tomaso Mangusta.
  • His home country is the United Kingdom.

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