Mami Kozato

Mami Kozato

Kanji Name 古里まみ
Romaji Name Kozato Mami
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Chapter 319

Character OutlineEdit

Mami Kozato was the sister of Enma Kozato, the tenth Boss of the Simon Famiglia. According to Enma, she was killed when she was very young supposedly by Tsuna's father along with their parents in an incident referred to as the 'Flood of Blood'. It is later revealed that Daemon Spade disguised himself as Tsuna's father and killed Enma's family to eliminate weak Vongolas through a battle.


Mami was a short, young girl. She wore a small hair clip shaped as a pair of cherries that held back part of her hair; however, her hair still covered her eyes.

Plot OverviewEdit

Inheritance Ceremony ArcEdit

Mami is first mentioned by Enma when he reveals that Tsuna's father murdered his family. She later makes her first physical appearance in one of Enma's dreams about her and her family's death. In Daemon Spade's recollection of the Flood of Blood, he revealed that he was the one responsible for killing Mami and her parents 7 years ago while disguised as Iemitsu.

Relationships Edit

Enma KozatoEdit

Enma was Mami's older brother. Judging by Enma's anger concerning her death and the circumstances around them as well as having nightmares over her death many years later, the two seemed to be very close.


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