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Chapter 409 Cover

Latest Manga Chapter: Target 409 - "Ciao Ciao!"

Summary: Tsuna refuses to become the Vongola Decimo, and Reborn flies off, stating that he had no further purpose to be around him. Tsuna continues with his life, but is plagued by the thought that he hadn't changed at all since Reborn came into his life. However, shortly after he arrives home, Reborn arrives and announces that he had gotten permission to train Tsuna to become the Neo Vongola Primo, which was in reality still the Vongola Decimo. How will Tsuna react?
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Earth Flame
A person using the Earth Flame can manipulate the local gravity to any extent. This power was previously misconceived as a form of telekinesis due to the user's ability to manipulate objects by carefully maneuvering the gravity around them.

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Volume 40 Cover

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