Gender Female
Status Deceased
Famiglia Simon Famiglia
Manga Debut Chapter 346 (flashback)

Magi is one of children of Simon Famiglia shown in the Eighth Key of memories that Cozarto Simon, the Simon Primo, and Giotto, the Vongola Primo, left behind.

Plot OverviewEdit

Inheritance Ceremony ArcEdit

In the eighth key, she made an appearance with other Simon Famiglia children, playing at Simon Island's waterfall while Cozarto and the other adults were watching them. Magi went up to Cozarto and stated that she wanted more friends, but Cozarto apologized to her and said to her to bear it for a while longer, since Simon Famiglia had decided to hide in the shadows to deceive Daemon about the truth of their survival from the war; however, Cozarto stated that he and Giotto believed that Magi's descendants would someday be able to laugh together with the Vongola descendants.


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