Mafia Land

Mafia Land

Mafia Land is a mafia-only resort that only welcomes Mafia Famiglias that don't deal in drugs and other corrupt activities. In Mafia Land, there is no violence or fighting; it's a vacation spot for mafioso. Reborn is treated like a celebrity there. Under Mafia Land, there is a subway to bring you to a training area, where mafioso unapproved for entry are sent to be trained. The training ground is on the back side of the island, built on a cliff with a whirlpool at the bottom. Colonnello is in charge of the training area.


  • Fuuta said that Mafia Land was ranked first out of the 254 theme parks that various mafioso who want to act like kids again.
  • The Mafia Land's roller coaster is ranked 3rd out of 8,452 attractions.

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