In the Reborn! universe, the Mafia are groups (known as Famiglias or Families) with normally hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of members and numerous branching divisions; however, it is not known what the criteria to be considered Mafia are, or even if there are any. They are usually headed by a leader known as a "Boss", and so far, all these leaders have possessed the incredibly rare Sky Flame. However, Gokudera's father is the Boss of his own Famiglia and since the same Dying Will Flame runs in the line of Famiglia Bosses as well as the fact that he is the only parent that both Bianchi and Gokudera share, it is likely that he possesses a Storm Flame.

Throughout the series, many members of the Mafia are shown to be endowed with supernatural abilities, including but not limited to the Dying Will Flames. According to Fuuta, the Mafia consists of more than 80000 members and more than 800 bosses in total.


In Reborn, although most Families follow the above outline, many deviate wildly in everything related to structure. Although some structures may not be very clear, there is usually a Boss, a Right-Hand Man/Second-in-Command and Subordinates. However, the Vongola and Simon seem to be the only Families that require the Boss to have six Guardians.


Known Mafia FamigliasEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, despite the majority of mafia in the series are Italian mafia, the order of their names follows the English name structure. In Italian, "Famiglia" was supposed to be before the Family name (for example, Famiglia Vongola), but in the series, they instead after the Family name.

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