Status Alive
Date of Birth January 27
Famiglia Tomaso Famiglia
Blood Type B
Height 105 cm
Weight 51 kg
Manga Debut Chapter 44

Character OutlineEdit

Lunga is one of the core members of the Tomaso Famiglia and is said to be trying to start a band.


From what has been seen of him, Lunga is quite impatient when he requires something from someone and severely reprimands the person if they displease him.


Lunga is short and stout and has the appearance of a toddler. He has beady eyes, a small nose, and is mostly expressionless. Lunga wears a beanie with a pair of headphones over it, and is commonly seen holding an electric guitar. He wears a dark sweater and wears pale pants with a belt.

Plot OverviewEdit

Daily Life ArcEdit

Lunga makes various minor appearances throughout the arc accompanying Longchamp along with Pantera and Mangusta.


  • Along with the other Tomaso Famiglia members, Lunga did not appear in the anime due to severe unpopularity.
  • Lunga's name means "long" in Italian.

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