Longchamp Naito


Kanji Name 内藤•ロンシャン
Romaji Name Naito Longchamp
Title Tomaso Ottavo
Gender Male
  • 14 (Present)
  • 24 (Future)
Status Alive
Date of Birth August 9
Famiglia Tomaso Famiglia
Flame Sky
Blood Type A
Height 163cm
Weight 53kg
Manga Debut Chapter 44

Longchamp Naito (内藤•ロンシャン, Naito Longchamp) is the eccentric 8th Boss of the Tomaso Famiglia.

Character OutlineEdit

Tomaso Famiglia

Tomaso Famiglia

He finds girls that would be hideous to other people to be cute and this affection has often gotten the better of him. He is an avid packrat and keeps millions of boxes of useless junk. Naito is also an apparent pervert with no shame, as he admits he hides his secret porn magazines behind the poster of an idol. He likes a lot of people and usually gives them nicknames such as Sawada-chan (Tsunayoshi Sawada) and Goku-chan (Hayato Gokudera). He often regrets losing his ugly girlfriends and is very dim, such as when he thought his girlfriend had left him when all she had done was leave for work. He can be considered a womanizer, as after breaking up with a girl, he is quick to move on to another.

Plot OverviewEdit

Daily Life ArcEdit

He is almost always seen with his Famiglia, his apparent right hand man being Mangusta, an uptight man who holds little to no trust of Tsuna and the Vongola. He was the joker of Class 1B last year and brags to his classmates that he was going to become a Mafia Boss. Naito lived in an old fashioned Japanese house that burned down because of Reborn and Gokudera. Mangusta shoots Naito with a bullet almost the opposite of Reborn's Dying Will Bullet, the Desolation Bullet, which makes him and others shot with it break down into a gloomy rant of self-pity.

Future ArcEdit

In the Future Arc, Reborn reveals that the Tomaso Famiglia had been attacked by the Millefiore Famiglia two days before Tsuna arrived in the future. Since all communication had been cut off from them, it is assumed that they were defeated.

Inheritance Ceremony ArcEdit

Naito appears at the Inheritance Ceremony to congratulate Tsuna on becoming the Vongola Decimo.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Desolation Bullet - Naito uses the Desolation Bullet to solicit sympathy from those around him, though it has no effect on people such as Hibari. To date, there have been four people shot with the Desolation Bullet: Naito himself, Ryohei Sasagawa, Doctor Shamal, and Tsuna.


  • Like other members of the Tomaso Famiglia, he is named after a car of the De Tomaso company. He is named after the De Tomaso Longchamp.
  • Longchamp, along with the rest of the Tomaso Famiglia, were completely written out of the anime due to severe unpopularity.
  • According to the manga-only "Haru Haru's Interview", Naito had a crush on the Varia's Gola Mosca until he found out that it was a robot.
  • Akira Amano has stated that Naito is her favorite character to draw.
  • In an "Extra Secret Story," Longchamp was on a date with his girlfriend during the attack on Namimori Junior High students by Mukuro and on another date with another girl when the Varia arrived and the Ring Battles started.
  • When among a ruckus, he has a habit of saying, "Peace! Peace!".
  • All Tomaso Famiglia Bosses' first names are Longchamp.
  • Longchamp has had many girlfriends; he is with a new one virtually every time he appears.

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