Awakening Arrives!:Edit

Kyoya Hibari vs. Adelheid Suzuki
雲雀飛来 vs 鈴木アーデルハイド

Hibari Kyoya basasu Suzuki Adoruhaito
#321 May 2, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
Hibari and Adelheid begin to battle, but soon after they begin, Adelheid seals herself into a waterfall, turning it into an invincible ice fortress. She then releases five hundred Blizzardriods to take away Hibari's armband while Daemon Spade, watching from the sidelines, remarks that it was due to Adelheid that the Simon were able to revive.
Hibari Vs. 500
雲雀 Vs. 500体

Hibari basasu 500-Tai
#322 May 2, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
Though Hibari is surrounded, the release of his modified Cambio Forma proves enough to take on all of the Blizzardriods. Daemon relates this power to the first cloud guardian, Alaude.
Small Animal

Shō dōbutsu
#323 May 2, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
As Hibari looks to Adelheid, he states that it is her turn next. Undeterred, Adelheid reforms several Blizzardroids behind Hibari, who dismisses them as they are "not a threat" to him. Adelheid then asks Hibari why a man of his caliber has sided with Tsuna, and Kyoya retorts that he isn't and asks Adelheid why she follows someone equally pitiful.

#324 May 2, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
Hibari emerges victorious in his battle against Adelheid, causing Tsuna to reflect on what he cannot give up. Meanwhile, the Vindice arrive to retrieve Adelheid as well as to present the fourth "key", which reveals that during the war between the Vongola and a rival Famiglia, the Simon Famiglia was stranded and surrounded by enemy forces. Hearing this, Giotto decided to aid Cozart in their fight, but was halted by Daemon Spade, who claimed it would lower the morale in their troops should their leader leave, and promised to save Cozart's family himself. Meanwhile, Hibari notices Julie and Chrome hiding nearby, drawing them out. Adelheid then proceeds to ask Julie if he would take care of Enma, prompting Julie to reveal his true identity as Daemon Spade.

#325 May 2, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
Kaoru Mizuno attacks Daemon Spade but is defeated. Daemon Spade then uses Chrome to trap Tsuna and the others in the mist and moves to finish Kaoru. When Daemon Spade is about to kill Kaoru, Yamamoto arrives and saves his friend.

#326 May 2, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
Yamamoto arrives and battles Daemon Spade. As the battle continues, Daemon Spade sees an opening and is about to kill Yamamoto when Kaoru Mizuno interferes and saves Yamamoto, causing the Vindice to arrive since his pride is also broken. The Vindice gives them the next key.

#327 May 2, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
It is revealed that Cozart Simon was saved by the Vongola Guardians on Giotto's orders. Everyone is surprised by the memory, but Daemon Spade is furious. While Kaoru Mizuno and Adelheid Suzuki are imprisoned by the Vindice, an angry Yamamoto battles Daemon Spade.
The Enemy Who Must Be Defeated

Taosubeki teki
#328 May 2, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
Yamamoto continues his battle with Daemon Spade, injuring him in the process and causing Daemon Spade to escape with Chrome. Tsuna and the others regroup on what to do and Tsuna manages to realize his pride. Meanwhile, the awakening of the Simon Ring finishes.
Awakening Complete

Kanzen'na Kakusei
#329 May 2, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
The awakening of the Simon ring finally finishes and Enma is manipulated by Daemon Spade to kill Tsuna. Daemon Spade removes his mind control over Chrome and the barrier that is keeping Mukuro from entering the island. Mukuro then arrives and battles Daemon Spade while Tsuna and the others arrive at Enma's castle.
Reunion III

#330 May 2, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
Tsuna and the others arrive at Enma's castle. When Natsu separates from the group, the others follow him and end up outside the door of Enma's throne room. Tsuna enters to see an Enma different from the one he knew, confused and bloodthirsty. Tsuna tries to talk to Enma but finds himself in a battle with him, prompting him to activate Natsu's Cambio Forma.