Volume 33: Dark Shadow Arrives!Edit

Lambo Vs Rauji Ooyama

Ranbo bāsasu Ōyama Rauji
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Lambo's Feelings

Ranbo no omoi
#312 March 4, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}

Nii Chan
#313 March 4, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
Adult Lambo manages to defeat Rauji and the second key is given to Tsuna. More memories from the second key were given to Tsuna's family and Enma's family, revealing that Shimon was actually involved in the making of Vongola. Rauji is taken away by the Vendice and Byakuran is next shown flying down to Yamamoto back in the hospital he lays in.
For Who

Ta ga tame ni
#314 March 4, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
Enma has mixed feelings due to the defeat of Rauji and the most recent memories projected into his minds. Julie Katou comes in and talks about CEDEF, with Tsuna's father being the leader and their spy in it doing well in gathering information. Julie manages to agitate Enma into continuing the battle and seem to have a plan up to his sleeve. Julie volunteers himself to be the next person to fight with the Vongola Family, stating that Kaoru Mizuno need not battle as he had already beaten Yamamoto. Tsuna, Gokudera, Reborn and Lambo reach a deserted, run down town. There, they meet P.Shitt, who would battle with Gokudera.
Hayato Gokudera Vs. Shitt.P!
獄寺隼人 VS SHITT・P!

Gokudera Hayato bāsasu Shitto Pī!
#315 March 4, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
Gokudera releases his Vongola Gear and is prepared to fight. He and Shitt.P decided that the rules to battle would be simple, Popping Balloons. The battle starts and Shitt P pops one of Gokudera's balloons early and starts questioning if Tsuna was truly worth of Gokudera's loyalty. She shows Gokudera Tsuna's "No Good" history, and asks if he was truly worthy of leading the Vongola and having Gokudera's loyalty. Gokudera suprises Shitt.P by blowing up one of her balloons and then states that he knew all the things she showed, but says that those things didn't make up a 10th of Tsuna.

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Enma's Anger

Enma no ikari
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Enma loses control over his emotions and decide to fight Tsuna, much to the protests of Adheild. Enma, thinking of P.Shitt, Rauju and Koyo says that he cant forgive Tsuna for hurting his friends. Tsuna thinks of Ryohei, Yamamoto and Chrome and unleashes his flames in anger, telling Enma that he's doing the same thing himself. Enma's anger reaches boiling point, and he tries to crush Tsuna the same way that he did during the Inheritance Ceremony, but Tsuna, now more powerful was unaffected. The two clash and fight evenly, with neither one getting an advantage.

Enma continues to insult Primo, with Tsuna still defending him, but Enma points out the conflict in Tsuna's words. Enma then reveals to Tsuna, that he hasn't just inherited the blood of Primo, but he was the son of Iemitsu Sawada, the man who killed his parents and sister. With Tsuna shocked by these words, Enma strikes a powerful blow on Tsuna.

The Other Side of the Mist

Kiri no mukō
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Enma prepares to finish Tsuna, but stops because his Shimon Ring hasn't been fully awakened. The Shimon leave, preparing to fight another time.

In another part of the island, Chrome continues to try and escape, but Julie arrives, and tries to convince her to be his, even pointing out that the illusions that kept Chrome alive was not made by Mukuro, but by him. Chrome's resolve remains firm, so Julie is left with no choice but to tell her his plans. Julie tells her that he wants to destroy the Vongola, and now mist surrounds Julie and Daemon Spade appears, he tells her he wants to take over Mukuro through her. With Chrome continuing to refuse, Daemon uses his powers to make Chrome submit, and make her do his bidding.

Dark Shadow

Kurai kage
#319 March 4, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}
Hibari Incoming!

Hibari ga tonde kuru!
#320 March 4, 2011 | {{{English Release Date}}}

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