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Volume 13: The Mist GuardianEdit

The Shigure Souen Style

Shigure Sōen Ryū
#108 January 4, 2007 | October 6, 2009
Yamamoto makes progress but Squalo remains undeterred, saying that he has witnessed the Shigure Souen Ryu before.
The Guardian of Rain's Message

Ame no Shugosha no Shimei
#109 January 4, 2007 | October 6, 2009
Squalo seems to have the advantage, but Yamamoto suddenly realizes something useful his father taught him.
8th Method: Pouring Rain

Hachi no Kata Shinotsuku Ame
#110 January 4, 2007 | October 6, 2009
Squalo is ready to deal the finishing blow, but Yamamoto is prepared to counterattack.
Conclusion of the Rain's Victory

Ame no Shōbu no Ketsumatsu
#111 January 4, 2007 | October 6, 2009
Yamamoto finally wins against Squalo, who accepts his defeat and refuses to be rescued from an enormous shark released into the area. The Cervello announce the next battle.
The Guardian of the Mist

Kiri no Shugosha
#112 January 4, 2007 | October 6, 2009
Iemitsu and his subordinates find Timoteo, while Tsuna trains and tries to find out who his Mist Guardian is.
Chrome's Attack

Kurōmu Shūgeki
#113 January 4, 2007 | October 6, 2009
Timoteo behaves strangely, raising Iemitsu's suspicions. Chrome Dokuro reveals herself to be Tsuna's Mist Guardian.
Chrome Dokuro vs. Mammon

Kurōmu Dokuro VS. Māmon
#114 January 4, 2007 | October 6, 2009
Tsuna accepts Chrome as his Mist Guardian, and she proves to be a fairly formidable opponent to Mammon. Colonello and Reborn are later able to determine that Mammon is actually Viper, one of their fellow Arcobaleno.

#115 January 4, 2007 | October 6, 2009
Chrome has a flashback of her traumatic past and Mukuro takes over.
Mukuro Arrives!

Mukuro Kuru!
#116 January 4, 2007 | October 6, 2009
Mukuro is on the brink of victory, and Tsuna receives an important memory from him.

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