Volume 12: Prince Ripper!Edit

Xanxus' Smile

Xanxus no Emi
#99 October 4, 2006 | July 7, 2009
Tsuna is forced to give up his Sky Vongola Ring after interfering in the match. Xanxus smiles for the first time in eight years.
Prince the Ripper

Purinzu za Rippā
#100 October 4, 2006 | July 7, 2009
Lambo's condition in the hospital stabilizes, and Tsuna continues his training. The next battle is Gokudera's, but where is Gokudera?
Hayato Gokudera vs. Belphegor

Gokudera Hayato VS. Berufegōru
#101 October 4, 2006 | July 7, 2009
Gokudera arrives just in time. Bel unleashes his knives, and Gokudera's normal Dynamite are no match for them.
Genius's Knife

Tensai no Naifu
#102 October 4, 2006 | July 7, 2009
Gokudera figures out and reveals Bel's secret to his attacks; nearly-invisible wires, and counters with his new attack - Rocket Bombs.
Surging Waves Attack

Dotō no Seme
#103 October 4, 2006 | July 7, 2009
Bel shows that seeing his own blood only makes him stronger; the two go inside the library, while time is slowly ticking down.

#104 October 4, 2006 | July 7, 2009
Though Gokudera seems to have overpowered Bel, at the last minute, he escapes because of Tsuna's message to him.
Hibari's Return

Hibari Montoru
#105 October 4, 2006 | July 7, 2009
Hibari returns to the school angry at the destruction. Yamamoto uses his heightened reflexes to stop Hibari from fighting everyone there, and Squalo notices.
Yamamoto's Choice

Yamamoto Takeshi no Sentaku
#106 October 4, 2006 | July 7, 2009
In Italy, Iemitsu Sawada is planning to infiltrate the Vongola Base, while in Japan, Tsuna's family are discussing how to beat Squalo.
Takeshi Yamamoto vs. Superbi Squalo
山本 武VS.スペルビ·スクアーロ

Yamamoto Takeshi VS. Superubi Sukuāro
#107 October 4, 2006 | July 7, 2009
The Cervello reveal the setting for Yamamoto's battle, a water chamber with a deadly monster set to be released.

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