Volume 11: Before the ShowdownEdit

Varia's Footsteps

Variā no Ashioto
#90 August 4, 2006 | April 7, 2009
Tsuna and Yamamoto have success with their training, while Gokudera can't figure it out. Meanwhile, the Varia have arrived in Japan.
The Guardian of Thunder

Kaminari no Shugosha
#91 August 4, 2006 | April 7, 2009
Iemitsu informs everyone that the Varia have arrived, just as they ambush I-Pin, Lambo, and Fuuta.

#92 August 4, 2006 | April 7, 2009
Just as the Varia are about to fight them, The Cervello arrive and announce the rules for the Ring Battles.
Before the Battle

Kessen Mae
#93 August 4, 2006 | April 7, 2009
The rules are laid out, and they announce that the first battle would be the next night. Kyoko approaches Tsuna at school, worried about her brother.
Ryohei Sasagawa vs. Lussuria
笹川 了平VS.ルッスーリア

Sasagawa Ryōhei VS. Russūria
#94 August 4, 2006 | April 7, 2009
The first match is announced to be between the two Guardians of Sun.
Ryohei's Right

Ryōhei no Migi
#95 August 4, 2006 | April 7, 2009
Ryohei uses his fists to shatter the light, returning his vision. Kyoko arrives, giving him the extra push he needs.
Whereabouts of the Ring of the Sun

Hare no Ringu no Yukue
#96 August 4, 2006 | April 7, 2009
Ryohei defeats Lussuria. The Varia eliminate them, showing their merciless natures and prompting Tsuna's group to want to defeat them even more.
Lambo vs. Leviathan

Ranbo VS. Revi-a-tan
#97 August 4, 2006 | April 7, 2009
Tsuna fears for Lambo's safety, but Lambo goes in to fight. After being beaten, he uses the Ten Year Bazooka twice.
Lambo 20 Years Later

Ni-jūnen Go no Ranbo
#98 August 4, 2006 | April 7, 2009
Lambo loses the match because the time limit of the Ten Year Bazooka ran out; however, Tsuna saves him.

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