Volume 10: Deathperation FlamesEdit

The Flame of Dying Will

Shinu Ki no Honō
#80 June 2, 2006 | January 6, 2009
Using the power of his new X-Gloves, Tsuna eventually breaks Mukuro's trident, thus defeating him.
The End and the Aftermath

Owari to Soreka
#81 June 2, 2006 | January 6, 2009
Mukuro is taken off to prison, after which Tsuna is forced to go home in great pain as a result of no training. A few weeks later, Tsuna notices an odd presence at a baseball game.
The Foreboding of a Coming Storm

Arashi no Yokan
#82 June 2, 2006 | January 6, 2009
The peaceful times are shattered once again when Tsuna encounters a fight between a member of the CEDEF and Varia.
The Purpose of the Boy

Shōnen no Mokuteki
#83 June 2, 2006 | January 6, 2009
Both Yamamoto and Gokudera are taken out by the unknown swordsman. Tsuna tries to help them in Dying Will Mode but his time limit prevents him from doing anything.
Half Vongola Rings

Hāfu Bongore Ringu
#84 June 2, 2006 | January 6, 2009
Squalo took the Rings with him, and Tsuna thinks that everything is over; however, Dino informs him that the ones Squalo took were in fact fake.
Iemitsu Sawada
沢田 家光

Sawada Iemitsu
#85 June 2, 2006 | January 6, 2009
Tsuna wakes up to the presence of his father home. He thinks that everything has been a dream until he finds the ring around his neck.
Their Individual Home Tutors

Sorezore no Kateikyōshi
#86 June 2, 2006 | January 6, 2009
Everyone is assigned a tutor in order to prepare them for their upcoming battle.
Start the Lesson!

Resson Kaishi!
#87 June 2, 2006 | January 6, 2009
Tsuna continues training for his fight with Xanxus, and Reborn gives him more information about the Vongola. Meanwhile, Hibari has almost completed his training with Dino.
What Wasn't Seen

#88 June 2, 2006 | January 6, 2009
Gokudera finds failure when he tries to learn a new technique. Yamamoto is progressing with his new sword style, and Basil helps Tsuna train.
Controlling the Dying Will

Shinu Ki no Kontorōru
#89 June 2, 2006 | January 6, 2009
Tsuna, Hibari, and Ryohei continue their training, while the Varia in Italy discover that the Vongola Rings were fakes.

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