Volume 9: Blood of the VongolaEdit

The Fake Mukuro

Nise Mukuro
#71 April 4, 2006 | October 7, 2008
With the use of his iron ball, the new enemy quickly defeats Yamamoto. Using the last Dying Will Bullet, Reborn helps Tsuna protect Bianchi right before she was about to be attacked.
Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. Fake Mukuro

Sawada Tsunayoshi Bāsasu Nise Mukuro
#72 April 4, 2006 | October 7, 2008
Tsuna defeats the fake Mukuro when he reveals that he wasn't such a bad person.
Break In!!

#73 April 4, 2006 | October 7, 2008
While Gokudera stays behind to have a rematch with Chikusa, Tsuna and the others search Kokuyo Land for the real Mukuro.
Mind Control

Maindo Kontorōru
#74 April 4, 2006 | October 7, 2008
Even though he is seriously injured, a freed Hibari easily manages to take out both Ken and Chikusa. In the main room, Tsuna manages to temporarily free Fuuta from the mind control, after which he passes out.

#75 April 4, 2006 | October 7, 2008
Mukuro begins to demonstrate his skill, the Six Paths of Reincarnation. Gokudera walks in, supporting an injured Hibari. Though Mukuro attempts to use Hibari's sakura weakness against him again, Gokudera reveals that he had brought the medicine to cure him. Mukuro seems to have been defeated by Hibari.
The Forbidden Shot

Kin Dan
#76 April 4, 2006 | October 7, 2008
Though it seems that Mukuro has been defeated and all was well, Bianchi has now been possessed by him. He reveals that he was using the Possession Bullet, a forbidden technology by the Estraneo Family.

#77 April 4, 2006 | October 7, 2008
Mukuro shows that not only can he use the skills of the bodies he possesses, he can also use his Six Paths. After Tsuna showed his resolve to fight for his friends, Leon rose up to the ceiling and began glowing.
New Item

Nyū Aitemu
#78 April 4, 2006 | October 7, 2008
Reborn says that whenever Leon is in his present state, he always provides new items for Reborn's students. Though Tsuna seems to have recieved only a pair of woolen gloves, his new power is awakened when Reborn shoots the newly acquired Rebuke Bullet.
Blood of the Vongola

Buraddo Obu Bongore
#79 April 4, 2006 | October 7, 2008
With the Rebuke Bullet, Tsuna has entered Hyper Dying Will Mode: a state where his fighting skills are amplified, but where he can see through all of the Six Paths. Mukuro returns to his body and begins fighting with the most dangerous and deadly skill.

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