Volume 8: Prison BreakersEdit


#61 February 3, 2006 | July 1, 2008
Gokudera is offered a promotion directly from the Ninth. Reborn tells him that unless Tsuna has one request for him by the end of the day, Gokudera must go back to Italy.

#62 February 3, 2006 | July 1, 2008
Along with many acts of violence, Tsuna finds out that Ryohei has been attacked. Since all of the victims have been Namimori Middle students, Hibari goes to take care of the problem.
Mukuro Rokudo
六道 骸

Rokudō Mukuro
#63 February 3, 2006 | July 1, 2008
Hibari is defeated after his opponent reveals a weakness that even Hibari himself did not know about. At the hospital, Reborn reveals that the victims are targeted in order of strength.
Hayato Gokudera vs. Chikusa Kakimoto

Gokudera Hayato Bāsasu Kakimoto Chikusa
#64 February 3, 2006 | July 1, 2008
Gokudera fights against Chikusa, and seems to have defeated him; however, Tsuna shows up at the wrong time.
Prison Breakers

#65 February 3, 2006 | July 1, 2008
Yamamoto shows up, causing Chikusa to leave. At the hospital, Reborn explains that the attackers have been exiled from the Mafia. Reborn orders Tsuna to go and defeat the Kokuyo Gang, rescuing Fuuta in the process.
Setting Out!!

#66 February 3, 2006 | July 1, 2008
Reborn reveals that there is only one Dying Will Bullet left, since Leon cannot make any more in his current form. They depart for Kokuyo Land, where it is revealed that the first battle is Yamamoto's.
Takeshi Yamamoto vs. Ken Joshima

Yamamoto Takeshi Bāsasu Jōshima Ken
#67 February 3, 2006 | July 1, 2008
Ken reveals his inhuman abilities as well as his Channels. When Tsuna falls into the room as well, Yamamoto must make a split-second decision.
Bianchi vs. M.M.

Bianki Bāsasu Emu Emu
#68 February 3, 2006 | July 1, 2008
When the group stops to eat, all of their food explodes. Since their attacker is a girl who cares only for money, Bianchi decides to be her opponent.
Birds and Twins

Bāzu Ando Tsuinzu
#69 February 3, 2006 | July 1, 2008
Their new opponent, Birds, reveals that his two minions, the Bloody Twins, are stalking Kyoko and Haru. Tsuna must either go through pain or watch them be injured.

#70 February 3, 2006 | July 1, 2008
The Bloody Twins are defeated by the arrivals of Dr. Shamal and Adult I-Pin. While running after Fuuta, Tsuna bumps into a mysterious figure in the woods.

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