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Volume 7: The Weapons TunerEdit

Weapon Tuner

Buki Chūnā
#52 December 2, 2005 | April 1, 2008
A man called Giannini visits Reborn to make weapon adjustments, but fails each time.
Operation: Assassinate Tsuna

Tsuna Ansatsu Keikaku
#53 December 2, 2005 | April 1, 2008
Gokudera is accidentally shot with Lambo's bazooka, he is turned into a small version of himself though ends up thwarting a duo of camouflaged assassins trying to kill Tsuna.
Opening of a Swimming Pool

Pūru Hiraki
#54 December 2, 2005 | April 1, 2008
Tsuna has to swim 15m in school, but being unable to swim, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, and Haru all try to teach him.
The Tanabata Contest

Tanabata Taikai
#55 December 2, 2005 | April 1, 2008
Reborn formulates a contest in which the winner has their wish come true.
The Case of Lambo's Disappearance

Ranbo Shissō Jiken
#56 December 2, 2005 | April 1, 2008
Lambo has disappeared and all that was left was a mysterious note.
Swimming at the Sea

Kaisui Yoku
#57 December 2, 2005 | April 1, 2008
Tsuna and his friends go to the beach, but end up in a swimming contest against the corrupted lifeguards.
The Summer Festival

Natsu Matsuri
#58 December 2, 2005 | April 1, 2008
Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera have to run a chocolate-banana stand to earn money to repay a debt, but what happens when pickpocketers steal their earnings?
Haru's Suspicion

Haru Gishin'anki
#59 December 2, 2005 | April 1, 2008
Haru wants to prove Tsuna's kindness after seeing him seemingly abusing Lambo.
A Dare of Courage

#60 December 2, 2005 | April 1, 2008
Tsuna goes to a graveyard to play a game of who would be scared, but it turns out that only he and Lambo are the ones to be scared.

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