Volume 4: Bronco DinoEdit

The Crime Brothers

Hanzai no San Kyōdai
#26 May 2, 2005 | July 3, 2007
Three brothers have come to steal from Nana Sawada. They think it's an easy job when they see her with the kids, but not everything goes the way they planned it.
Bucking Horse Dino

Haneuma Dino
#27 May 2, 2005 | July 3, 2007
A new Mafia Boss has come from Italy to visit Tsuna. He is Dino the Cavallone's Tenth Boss, whos come to see his old tutor, Reborn. Dino, known as the Bucking Horse Bronco, came to learn more from Reborn. Dino also brings over Enzo, a turtle that shouldn't be near water.
Dino Again

Dīno Futatabi
#28 May 2, 2005 | July 3, 2007
Dino decides to test Tsuna's Family with Reborn's help. He kidnaps Tsuna leaving Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Haru to save him. Reborn comes out to tell them where a rivial gang is taking him; so, Gokudera and Yamamoto went to get him. Dino and Tsuna come back to Reborn and Haru; and Reborn tells them that there is a rivial gang and that they are very dangerous.

#29 May 2, 2005 | July 3, 2007
When Tsuna ends up in the hospital, everyone goes and visits him. All of Tsuna's friends go to visit him, but each time they come, Tsuna has to be moved to another room because of the disturbance they cause. When Hibari request Tsuna to be his roomate, everything seems to be fine unless he makes one noise while Hibari is sleeping.
Getting Lost

#30 May 2, 2005 | July 3, 2007
Tsuna's Family and Dino goes to do some training in the woods. Everything was going fine until they got lost.
New Year's

#31 May 2, 2005 | July 3, 2007
It's the new year in Japan, and everyone celebrating. To celbrate the new year, Reborn decides to host the traditional Vongola New Year party.
Gokudera's Strengthening Program

Gokudera Kyōka Puroguramu
#32 May 2, 2005 | July 3, 2007
Gokudera gets some inspiring information from Tsuna's mom, Nana. Nana tells Gokudera about how much he has helped her son. Gokudera thinks that she has left him in his hands; so, he decides to protect Tsuna under his mothers words.
Parent Participation Day

Jugyō Sankan
#33 May 2, 2005 | July 3, 2007
It's parent's day at Namimori Middle, and Tsuna is worried about his mom coming. All doesn't go well when the teacher leaves and Reborn is in charge.

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