Volume 3: Faintly Arrives!Edit

Pole Knocking First Half
棒倒し (前編)

Bōtaoshi (Zenpen)
#17 March 4, 2005 | April 3, 2007
Otherwise known as "Pole Knocking the First Half," Tsuna and the others have a school wide game to play against classes "B" and "C." When Ryohei becomes leader of the team, he wants Tsuna to be the one to sit on the pole and hope no one knocks him down. If he does get knocked down, the team will lose, and if they lose, Tsuna will be blamed. Besides, Tsuna doesn't want to do it anyway.
Pole Knocking Second Half
棒倒し (後編

Bōtaoshi (Kōhen)
#18 March 4, 2005 | April 3, 2007
After going through many other games, Tsuna is looking at the pole knocking contest. Before the contest can begin, someone has been taking out all the team captains, and the person doing it is from team A. Teams B and C decide to ban together and take down team A. When the game begins, Tsuna sees that they're out-matched, and that the other team's person on the pole is Hibari.
First Time Killing

Hajimete no Koroshi
#19 March 4, 2005 | April 3, 2007
Tsuna wakes up to find his room a complete mess and a guy that's on his bed. Reborn tells him that Tsuna killed him in his sleep. Yamamoto, Haru, and Gokudera come over to Tsuna's place to see the dead man. No one knows what to do with the dead man.
Eat and Run

#20 March 4, 2005 | April 3, 2007
Reborn takes Tsuna, Lambo, and Bianchi out to eat some expensive sushi. Before the bill comes, they all run out of the restaurant leaving Tsuna to pay the bill. When the owner comes out, he tells Tsuna to pay. Before he calls the police, Yamamoto comes in and says hi. It's revealed that the sushi place is Yamamoto's home and the owner is his dad. Seeing that Tsuna is friends with Yamamoto and he forgets the bill. Although, when Reborn, Bianchi, and Lambo show up again and eat, he tells Tsuna that he will have to pay for that. Tsuna ends up doing dishes to make up for his debt but not before some more people come.

#21 March 4, 2005 | Arpil 3, 2007
Lambo is still annoying Tsuna, and Tsuna wants someone to watch him because he keeps coming to school and utterly embarrassing him. Reborn sets up a meeting with some eligible babysitters for Tsuna to choose from. Unknown to Tsuna, Reborn has chosen Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Ryohei from Tsuna's Family.

#22 March 4, 2005 | April 3, 2007
Everybody is ready to celebrate Reborn's birthday! Although, they forgot Tsuna's birthday, so they make up for it by having a double-birthday party. As they were celebrating, Reborn decided to host the traditional Vongola Birthday Celebration.

#23 March 4, 2005 | April 3, 2007
Tsuna meets another strange little kid, this time Chinese martial artist that cannot speak any Japanese, has poor eyesight, and a surprising ultimate attack!
I-Pin vs. Lambo

Īpin VS. Ranbo
#24 March 4, 2005 | April 3, 2007
I-Pin has settled down in Tsuna's house. Before breakfast, I-Pin meets Lambo, who I-Pin believes is a "broccoli monster". When Lambo fires his Ten-Year-Bazooka, everyone discovers a shocking secret about I-Pin.
Kyoko vs. Haru

Kyōko VS. Haru
#25 March 4, 2005 | April 3, 2007
Kyoko and Haru meet in a cake shop along with Tsuna, who ends up getting ignored. Both reveal the same secret that every third Sunday they eat a lot of cake. So, the girls go to Tsuna's house and eat cake with Tsuna and I-Pin. I-Pin thanks them by giving them both a special meat bun, but both of them soon pass out after one bite.

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