Volume 2: Many Comes!Edit

Family Entrance Test

Nyuu Famirī Shiken
#8 December 27, 2004 | January 2, 2007
Tsuna's family now has two members, Hayato Gokudera and Takeshi Yamamoto. Gokudera doesn't like Yamamoto hanging around Tsuna a lot. So, Reborn decides to make an entrance examination for Yamamoto.

#9 December 27, 2004 | January 2, 2007
A new independent hitman named Bianchi arrives to take her love, Reborn, back to Italy. Although, there is only one person thats keeping him from coming with her; so, she plans to eliminate him. The person is Tsuna.
Poison Cooking II

Poizun Kukkingu II
#10 December 27, 2004 | January 2, 2007
Bianchi is now helping Reborn tutor Tsuna. Although, Tsuna would not like to have her because she wants him to eat her cooking which is poisonous. He then asks Gokudera to help kick her out, but at one sight, Gokudera gets a stomach ache and shouts, revealing her to be his older sister who had made him as test subject for her poison cooking when they were young. Neither of them can get Bianchi out except a guy that looks like her old boyfriend, Romeo. The one person that looks like him is Lambo's older self. This also fails when revealed that Bianchi hates Romeo and chase after Lambo. She finally leaves out town when Reborn asked her to get a Pizza outside Namimori.
Haru Miura
三浦 ハル

Miura Haru
#11 December 27, 2004 | January 2, 2007
Tsuna meets a "stalker" girl, Haru Miura. She seems to only want to be friends with Reborn. When Reborn tells her he's in the Mafia, she slaps Tsuna saying that there's no way a baby would be talking that way, thinking that Tsuna has badly taught Reborn. She then tries to take Reborn away by challenging Tsuna, but ends up developing a crush on Tsuna when he saved her from drowning.
Question 7

Toi 7
#12 December 27, 2004 | January 2, 2007
Tsuna and Yamamoto has ended up in summer school with extra math problems as homework. When Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto all work together on the homework at Tsuna's house, but then stuck at question number 7. They asked Haru and Bianchi for help but to no avail. They finally able to solve the problem thanks to Haru's father's and Reborn's help.
Shoichi Irie
入江 正一

Irie Shōichi
#13 December 27, 2004 | January 2, 2007
Lambo has ended up getting blown away by Reborn. This time he ends up at Shoichi irie's house. Not only that, but Shoichi family ends up getting a package from the Bovine Family, forgiving them for any annoyances Lambo has caused. Feeling bad for receiving expensive gifts, Shoichi's mother told him to get Lambo back home. However, things didn't go well once Shoichi witness what happens daily within Sawada Residence.
Ryohei Sasagawa
笹川 了平

Sasagawa Ryōhei
#14 December 27, 2004 | January 2, 2007
Tsuna meet the president of the boxing club and Kyoko's older brother, Ryohei Sasawaga. Ryohei, seeing him in Dying Will Mode, wants and forces him to join the boxing club. When both are supposed to fight, Tsuna doesn't know if he should beat Ryohei and possibly make Kyoko sad or be defeated by him and look like a wimp to Kyoko.
Doctor Shamal
Dr. シャマル

Dr. Shamaru
#15 December 27, 2004 | January 2, 2007
Tsuna gets an incurable disease that will kill him before sundown. Although, Tsuna comes across Doctor Shamal, who has the cure to it but won't give it to him because he only treats female patients.
Kyoya Hibari
雲雀 恭弥

Hibari Kyōya
#16 December 27, 2004 | January 2, 2007
Tsuna meets the Head of the Disciplinary Committee, Kyoya Hibari. He is tricked into fighting him along with Gokudera and Yamamoto. In the end, Hibari became interested in Reborn and wished to fight him again.