Season 8 - 9: 2010Edit

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The Primo Family Arrives!

Issei (Purīmo) Famirī Kuru!
#178 April 3, 2010
Realizing that Tsuna and his friends need to become stronger before facing Byakuran, Reborn arranges for Spanner to send them, along with Yuni, back to the past. As they arrive, the day after they completed the Arcobaleno trials, they are met by the other Arcobaleno, who Reborn has called together to train Tsuna and co. Yuni uses her powers to activate Tsuna's Vongola ring, bringing forth the image of the Vongola First. He tells Tsuna and his guardians that the Vongola guardians of the first generation will determine whether Tsuna and his guardians deserve to inherit the real power of the Vongola before leaving. Reborn explains that the First's guardians will appear from the ring to test their respective successors. He then assigns Tsuna and his guardians Arcobalenos respective to their elements train them. That night, the First Guardians appear from the rings of Tsuna's guardians and announce to their respective successors they will be observing their actions henceforth.
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Inheritance Begins

Keishō Kaishi
#179 April 10, 2010
While Tsuna and his family are observed by their respective Arcobaleno tutors, Collenello notices that Yamamoto is visibly disturbed by something. The first generation Rain Guardian, Ugetsu Asari, appears in front of Yamamoto and announces that his trial will take part that night at Nanimori Shrine. Yamamoto meets Asari and begins their trial. Yamamoto, blaming himself for their lost in the battle of Choice, fights Asari in an agressive manner and seemingly defeats him. However, Asari announces that Yamamoto has failed the trial, saying that he is unworthy to inherit his power in his current state.
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The Duty of the Guardian of Rain

Ame no Shugo sha no Shimei
#180 April 17, 2010
Asari tells Yamamoto he will give him a second chance at the trial the next night and disappears. The next day, Yuni transfers into Tsuna's school, whilst Tsuna and his friends attempt to find out why Yamamoto failed his trial. Meanwhile, Kyoko and Haru visit Chrome only to find out from her friends that she has been missing since yesterday. That night, after talking with his father, Yamamoto arrives at the shrine where Tsuna tells him to not push himself. Yamamoto and Asari engage in battle and Yamamoto prepares to deliver the finishing blow but suddenly stops. Asari declares that Yamamoto has passed the trial and explains that Yamamoto failed the trial last time because he attempted to betray his heart and kill a person. Before leaving, he tells Yamamoto the Rain Guardian must not run dry and must keep his friends together.
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Furious Bolt of Lightning

Hageshiki Raigeki
#181 April 24, 2010
Lampo appears before Tsuna and the sleeping Lambo and announces that Lambo's trial will take place at an amusement park. To pass Lampo's trial, Lambo has to gather three stamps by riding three amusement park rides and enter the castle which Lampo resides. The rides are the teacups, a miniature race track, and a course through a robot museum. While going through the rides, Verde hacks into the amusement park systems in order to perform various tests on Lambo and to deduce why Lambo has such a high resistance to electricity. After Verde captures Lambo with a robot, Lambo's fear causes him to release all the electricity Verde shocked him with and which causes an explosion destroying Verde's robot and sends Tsuna and Lambo into castle. Lampo initially deems Lambo has failed the trial since the last stamp was on Lambo's butt instead of the paper but decides to pass Lambo after seeing the electricity Lambo released.
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Silent Storm

Shizuka Naru Arashi
#182 May 1, 2010
Gokudera, impatient with the trials, begins training at the park at night. That night, another Gokudera appears and has Fong distract the real Gokudera for unknown reasons. At school, Tsuna and his friends notice that Gokudera has been calmer and more reliable then usual which arouses Tsuna's suspicion. While walking home, Tsuna and Gokudera run into the real Gokudera who reveals that G has been impersonating him. G reveals himself and asks Tsuna how his performance was at school. Tsuna comments that G has been reliable and helpful which causes G to denounce Gokudera as being unsuitable to be Tsuna's Right Hand man and deems him unworthy of being the Storm Guardian. When G demands Gokudera to return the Vongola Ring and leave Japan, Tsuna defends Gokudera stating that Gokudera is not supposed to be his Right-Hand man but his friend. G then reveals that his trial was to test Tsuna and Gokudera's bond and deems him worthy of the Guardian of Storm.
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Aloof Cloud

Koko no Fuun
#183 May 8, 2010
Hibari's trial does not involve combat which causes Hibari to lose interest. Allaude, the first Cloud Guardian, tells Hibari he must prove his worth as the Cloud Guardian to pass his trial and he has a day to complete it. While Tsuna and his friends try to persuade Hibari to take the trial, Skull appears with a blimp and attempts to force Hibari to take the trial by attacking him. Hibari damages the blimp which causes it to begin its descent on the school.
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Sunny then Cloudy

Hare Nochi Kumo
#184 May 15, 2010
Ryohei manages to destroy the blimp before it crashes into the school. Skull, enraged by the two, continues his attack on the school but is soon defeated by Hibari. Soon after, the First Sun Guardian, Knuckle, allows Ryohei to pass his trial after witnessing his extreme optimism for the past few days and how he defeated the blimp without fear in order to protect his friends. Allaude then makes his appearance and announces Hibari has passed his trial as the Cloud Guardian by indirectly protecting the family without fraternizing with them. Elsewhere, Chrome returns to her hide out and collapses in tears in front of Ken and Chikusa.
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The Trap is Set

Shikake Rare ta Wana
#185 May 22, 2010
Tsuna and his friends are visiting Chrome when they run into Ken and Chikusa who tells them Chrome's strange behavior. They discover that Chrome was completely terrified of something which causes Reborn to deduce that it was the actions of the first Mist Guardian, Daemon Spade. He gathers the Arcobalenos and Tsuna's guardians to meet with Chrome that night for the inheritance. Daemon Spade appears and traps the girls in the building and declares Tsuna is unfit to be the Vongola Tenth.
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Bewitching Mist

Genwaku no Kiri
#186 May 29, 2010
Daemon Spade talks about his ideal version of the Vongola, and sets about battling each Guardian to train them to match his ideals.
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Memories of Betrayal

Uragiri no Kioku
#187 June 5, 2010
The battle continues; however, the Guardians, with the help of the Arcobaleno, manage to turn the tide on Daemon. Daemon states that he underestimated them, and that it was about time he got serious.
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Primo's Will

Iyo (Puriimo) no Ishi
#188 June 12, 2010
Chrome and Tsuna recieve their inheritance, and the guardians return to the future to face Byakuran and the Funeral Wreaths.
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The Family's Resolve

Famirii no Kakugo
#189 June 19, 2010
A rerun episode, where Yuni and Reborn explain to Lal what happened during the Inheritance Succession test.
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The Real 6 Funeral Wreaths Attack!

Ma 6 Choo Hana Shurai!
#190 June 25, 2010
The Funeral Wreaths arrive. Zakuro attacks the base, and Squalo stays back to fight, while the rest flees. Squalo is on the verge of defeat, and the base is destroyed. Tsuna and the rest make their way to Kawahira's shop for refuge.
191 Cover
Open Carnage Box

Shura Kaikou Kushige
#191 July 03, 2010
Zakuro tracks the Vongola to Kawahira's shop, which eventually leads to the use of Kawahira's Hell Ring, which tricks Zakuro into following a fake hostile aura to Mt. Fuji . Meanwhile, Hibari uses Roll's Cambio Forma after Daisy beats Dino.
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Alaude's Handcuffs (Episode)

Araudi no Tejoo
#192 July 10, 2010
Hibari faces off and eventually defeats Daisy. Byakuran meditates to look into the parallel worlds to find where Tsuna and the Vongola are hiding Yuni. He finds them, and Yuni gets captured by Torikabuto with Bluebell and Kikyo as backup. However, Gamma arrives and saves Yuni.
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Daemon Spade's Devil Lens (Episode)

D Supedo no ma Renzu
#193 July 17, 2010
Yuni is saved by Gamma, Nosaru & Tazaru. The 3 Wreaths go on the offensive with Torikabuto releasing his Box of Carnage. Chrome helps Tsuna to fight Torikabuto by using her Cambio Forma, Daemon Spade's Devil Lens. The wreaths retreat, and the Guardians look for a new place to hide. Elsewhere Byakuran contacts Iris, to go to Vendicare to release the Final Wreath, Ghost.
194 Cover
The Final Battle Begins

Kessen Kaishi
#194 July 24, 2010
Mukuro manages to escape from Vendicare Prison with the help of Flan, Ken Chikusa and M.M.. As he had been stuck in a tank for 10 years he rests before he goes to Japan, to take part in the Final Battle. Byakuran arranges another deal with the Vendice to release Ghost.

In the forest, the group make preperations for the battle. At dawn the Wreaths launch their attack. Zakuro begins his fight with Gokudera, Lal and Gamma.

195 Cover
G's Archery (Episode)

G no Acherii
#195 July 31, 2010
Zakuro releases his carnage box and over powers both Lal and Gamma. Gokudera releases his Cambio Forma and now fights evenly with Zakuro. Gokudera's previous back injury prevents him from fighting at full strength, something that Zakuro notices and exploits. Zakuro sneaks behind Gokudera and prepares to finish him off, knowing that Gokudera with his back injury, wont be able to turn in time. However with Uri's help Gokudera manages to turn and fire. A blinding flash of red covers the scene as the two Storm Flame users clash.
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Lampo's Shield (Episode)

Ranpou no Shiirudo
#196 August 7, 2010
As the smoke clears, Gokudera is lying on the ground, and Zakuro has lost an arm due to the strength of their previous blows. Gokudera takes aim once again, but is stopped by Bluebell. As Bluebell and Zakuro prepare to finish off Gokudera, the Varia comes to the rescue.

Elsewhere, Basil's group being their face off with Kikyo. Kikyo releases his Box Animal, Nuvola Velociraptor who soon over power the Vongola group. However Lambo releases his Cambio Forma and was able to take out Kikyo's Velociraptors.

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Knuckle's Maximum Break (Episode)

Nakkuru no Makishimamu Bureiku
#197 August 14, 2010
After Lambo defeats Kikyo's army of Velociraptors, Kikyo gets serious and opens his carnage box. Ryohei counters by opening releasing his Cambio Forma. Ryohei overpowers Kikyo for a short while, till Kikyo deduces the limitations of Ryohei's Technique. A while later, Kikyo still stands, and Ryohei is exhausted. Hibari comes to help, but is stabbed by a Spinosaurus who comes from underground.
198 Cover
The Last Real Funeral Wreath

Saigo no Riaru Roku Chouka
#198 August 21, 2010
The Varia and the Vongola are defeated by a collected effort on the part of the three Wreaths. As they were celebrating, the Wreaths were attacked by Kikyo's own Spinosaurus. They soon realise that the Vongola they thought they had defeated, were nothing more than Illusions created by Mukuro Rokudo and his student Flan. The battle between these two groups starts again, with added intensity, but they are soon inturrupted by the arrival of Ghost.
199 Cover
Ghost Awakens
Ghost 覚醒

Gousuto Kakusei
#199 August 28, 2010
The Varia and Funeral Wreaths desist from their battles to focus on Ghost. Ghost begins to absorb the Flames from everyone in the battlefield resulting in Bluebell and Zakuro's deaths. Kikyo's reminisces about Byakura's explanation of Ghost and reveals Ghost was the result of a failed attempt of bringing a Byakuran from a parallel universe into their universe. Tsuna flies towards the battlefield and attempts to use his Zero Point Breakthrough to counter Ghost's absorption of Flames.
200 Cover
Sky Full of Desire

Yokubou ni michita Oozora
#200 September 4, 2010
Both Ghost and Tsuna use their Flame Absorption techniques as everyone watches to see who would win. Because of the power of the techniques, everyone was getting dragged into the battlepoint, but Tsuna manages to overpower Ghost and absorb him, as well as stop the rampage. Tsuna's family was impressed by his power; however, Tsuna knew something was wrong. The Flames that he had just absorbed had not increased his flames like the technique was meant to. Confusion reigns as to what had happened, and, at this moment, Byakuran comes into the battlefield. From Byakuran releasing his wings to Tsuna being choked, the battle of Tsunayoshi vs. Byakuran begins!
201 Cover
Precious Moments in Time

Subete ga Daiji na Jikan
#201 September 11, 2010
Tsuna is almost crushed by Byakuran’s hand. Tsuna and Byakuran light their sky rings with sky flames that are increasing just so Byakuran can bring Yuni who is in hiding far away from them with the protection of Reborn to the battlefield. Her pacifier starts to light sky flames and make the same noise as Byakuran and Tsuna. Reborn thinks that the Tri-ni-set leaders are all coming together. Yuni float's up into the air to where Byakuran is against her will. Danger awaits for Yuni when she goes by Byakuran. Yuni goes to the battlefield where Byakuran and Tsuna are fighting. Yuni drops the pacifers she was hiding under her cape and things appear from the pacifiers. Reborn explains that Yuni is sacrificing her life for Tsuna's group to return to a peaceful past and for the Arcobaleno to be reborn. Tsuna wakes up by Reborn's speech and he also makes a speech that he had a wonderful time for most of the future. Just as he is done, Byakuran releases his Mini-White Dragon to Tsuna's heart, but is protected by Lancia's Boss Ring. Tsuna makes another speech and had memories about the techniques and weapons he gained during the future. Tsuna is now in HDWM and after that happens, the first Vongola Guardians appear from the Vongola Rings and Giotto appears from Tsuna's ring and said that he will unleash Tsuna.
202 Cover
Sea. Clam. Rainbow.

Umi. Kai. Niji
#202 September 18, 2010
Yuni explains that like the Mare ring's ability to allow its user to travel through parallel worlds, the Vongola rings allow the past generation to communicate with their current successors. Vongola Primo converses with Tsuna, revealing the rings had a seal on them, allowing them to be split in half for the Vongola Tournament and their current forms only possess powers equal to the Mare ring. Primo releases the seal causing the Vongola Rings to change forms and disappears. Tsuna continues his battle with Byakuran, overwhelming him completely. As Yuni nearly completes the rite, Gamma manages to infiltrate the barrier and embraces her; exclaiming he will die with her. As the rite completes, their bodies disappear leaving behind the Arcobaleno Pacifiers. Tsuna and Byakuran's battle climax with Byakuran perishing from Tsuna's X-Burner.
203 Cover
To a New Future

Atarashii Mirai He
#203 September 25, 2010
The Arcobalenos are revived. Collonello reveals that Byakuran's defeat caused all of the crimes he did with the knowledge from parallel world to be annulled and removing Byakuran's reign from all the world. Tsuna and his friends say their goodbyes to their friends before returning the past. During their time travel back, the Arcobalenos do three things: Seal the Mare Rings in the present, gives the people involved with the Vongola the memories from their future selves, and turned the Vongola Box animals into rings. At school, Tsuna and his friends return to their daily life and look towards the sky, thankful for Yuni's sacrifice.