Season 4: 2008Edit

74 Cover
World of Ten Years Later

Jūnen-go no Sekai
#74 March 15, 2008
Reborn is hit by Lambo's ten year bazooka and sent to the future. The strange thing is nobody came in his place. Thus Tsunayoshi Sawada tries to make Adult Lambo appear by taking Lambo's bazooka and firing it at him in order to explain what had happened, but results Tsuna to be accidentally shot in the process. He then appears in the world ten years in the future. Hayato Gokudera also appears and soon realise they are not being sent back after the usual time limit. They are then attacked by Lal Milch who is later revealed to be an ally.
75 Cover

#75 March 22, 2008
Tsuna and Gokudera venture with Lal Milch in the woods. They come across a machine dangerous called a Mosca Robot. The future Takeshi Yamamoto defeats the robot and leads them into the hideout where they find out the truth and the secrets. There, Tsuna meets Reborn.
76 Cover
Search for the Guardian

Shugosha Sagashi
#76 March 29, 2008
Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto goes out of the hideout and to the outside. They try to find Kyoya Hibari but run into Lambo and I-pin protecting Haru Miura and Kyoko from two Millefiore Family members from Blackspell. Just as Future Takeshi Yamamoto is about to defeat them, a cloud of purple smoke appears and the past forms of Takeshi Yamamoto, Lambo, I-pin, Haru, and Kyoko appear.
77 Cover
The Resolution's Flame

Kakugo no Honō
#77 April 5, 2008
Yamamoto is knocked unconscious by the Millefiore members while trying to protect everyone. Gokudera uses his ring and opens his box weapon to reveal a cannon. He defeats one of the Millefiore members. While protecting Kyoko, Tsuna manages to defeat the second Millefiore member by using his Zero Point Break Through technique.
78 Cover
The Clue Into The Past

Kako e no Tegakari
#78 April 12, 2008
While recovering from his injuries, Tsuna learns the only way to return to the past is to gather the guardians, defeat Byakuran and eliminate the man with the glasses, Shoichi Irie. Lal-Mirch teaches Tsuna, Yamamto, and Gokudera about the rings and boxes; The rings are revealed to emit a flame depending on the element of the user and boxes contain weapons or animals enchanted by those flames. Lal Mirch asks Tsuna to open a box of an unknown element as the sky flame is able to open boxes of all elements.
79 Cover
First Trial

Saisho no Shiren
#79 April 19, 2008
Tsuna manages to open the box given to him by Lal Mirch to reveal an Arcobaleno Pacifier. When the base receives a SOS signal, it is found to be from Hibird. Kyoko is also revealed to have run away from the base.
80 Cover

Fukyō Waon
#80 April 26, 2008
Tsuna and Lal Mirch search for Kyoko while Gokudera and Yamamoto search for Hibird. As they are searching, Gokudera and Yamamoto encounter Gamma, one of the Six Funeral Wreaths of the Millefiore Family. Gokudera decides to fight Gamma alone without Yamamoto's assitence.
81 Cover

#81 May 3, 2008
Tsuna and Lal Mirch manage to find Kyoko at the house of the future Hana Kurokawa. During the fight with Gamma, Gokudera is almost killed but saved by Yamamoto. Settling their differences, they decide to work together to defeat Gamma. Yamamoto is knocked unconscious during the battle.
82 Cover
The Strongest Guardian

Saikyō no Shugosha
#82 May 10, 2008
As Gamma is about to deliver the finishing blow to Gokudera, the future Hibari arrives to save him. Hibari manages to defeat Gamma with his hedgehog box animal and tonfas, both which are enchanted with the cloud flames.
83 Cover
The Given Information

Motarasareta Jōhō
#83 May 17, 2008
When the battle is over, Hibari shows Tsuna and the others the entrance to his base which is also connected to the Vongola base. Once everyone returns to the Vongola secret base, Bianchi and Fuuta arrive to give new information on the Millefiore Family. They reveal the location of the Millefiore base on Japan which is under the Nanimori Station underground Shopping Mall. They decide they must train before beginning their attack on the Millefiore.
84 Cover
The Journey Home

Tōsugiru Ieji
#84 May 24, 2008
When I-Pin becomes sick, Kyoko and Haru decide that Haru should bring her to a doctor. Haru manages to sneak away from the Millefiore and visit a doctor. Haru is later noticed by one of the Millefiore members. Bianchi arrives to try and assist Haru but they both become cornered by the Millefiore member and his box weapon of bees. Tsuna later arrives and defeats the Millefiore member by using the Zero Point Breakthrough.
85 Cover
Where is the Hide-Out?

Ajito wa Doko da ?
#85 May 31, 2008
Lambo sneaks out of the base when Fuuta goes out to fix a loose cable. Lambo is captured by a Millefiore member who demands the location of the Vongola base. Lambo uses him to his advantage in order to get some candy. After learning of the kidnapping, Tsuna and Fuuta follow a trail of Lambo's candy and find the Millifiore member with Lambo. As Tsuna gains the upper hand in combat, the Millifiore decides to threaten Tsuna with Lambo's life. Afterwards, Hibari, annoyed by the disturbance in Nanimori, easily defeats the Millefiore member
86 Cover
The Most Fearful Tutor

Saikyō no Katei Kyōshi
#86 June 7, 2008
Tsuna's training with Hibari begins. During their battle, Tsuna is trapped enclosed by Hibari's hedgehog box weapon. Hibari reveals Tsuna will die from lack of oxygen if he does not escape. Tsuna, reaching his limit, prepares one final attempt to burn through the hedgehog. He burns a small portion and realizes that small portion is where the Vongola ring was. He realizes his X-Gloves flames must be equal to the Vongola ring's flames to break through. Tsuna collapses from the lack of oxygen. Just then, Tsuna's Vongola ring emits images to Tsuna's head and reveals the past crimes of the Vongola.
87 Cover

#87 June 14, 2008
Yamamoto and Gokudera begin their training. Whilst Tsuna is in the spike ball, he has a visions of all the Vongola Bosses and their past wrong doings. The bosses demand Tsuna to accept the history of the Vongola but Tsuna refuses. The first Vongola Boss, Vongola Primo, accepts Tsuna as the sucessor to the Vongola. Tsuna then escapes with the help of his upgraded X-Gloves which now emit the sky flames. Continuing their battle, Tsuna grabs one of Hibari's hedgehog box weapon and releases it on Hibari. Meanwhile, Chrome is shown to be inside an abandoned building.
88 Cover
7³ (Tre ne Sette)
7³ (トゥリニセッテ)

7³ (Turi ni Sette)
#88 June 21, 2008
Hibari decides to let Tsuna live, wanting to fight Tsuna when he is finished training. The history of boxes is explained thoroughly by Hibari. Whilst explaining, Bianchi is also explaining everything she knows to Gokudera. It is said that the boxes were made because of coincidence and sold at extremely low prices. There are more than three hundred designs. Meanwhile, Byakuran reveals the 7³ plan; the 7 Mare Family Rings, the 7 Arcobaleno's Pacifiers and the 7 Vongola Family Rings that will give them the ultimate power. Squad 8 is sent to investigate deaths in Japan.
89 Cover
Piano of Sorrow

Kanashimi no Piano
#89 June 28, 2008
In this episode, Tsuna and Yamamoto learn about Gokudera's past. It is revealed that Hayato is an illegitimate child, born of Bianchi's father, the head of their mafia family, and a famous pianist. It is revealed that she died in a car crash when Hayato is still young. Hayato doesn't find out that she was his mother until years after the crash, but when he finds out, he runs away from home. After learning Hayato's history Glo encounters the

past Chrome.

90 Cover
Rain Owl (Gufo di Pioggia)

"Ame Fukurou (Gūfo di Piojja)
#90 July 5, 2008
Glo Xinia immediately attacks Chrome, who is in a state of panic and confusion due to suddenly being transported 10 years into the future. Just as the battle seems to be over, in Glo's favor, it is suddenly revealed that the Owl weapon that Glo has been using is actually possessed by Rokudo Mukuro
91 Cover
What You Believe In

Shinjiru Mono
#91 July 12, 2008
With no escape routes available, and Mukuro Rokudo being in a weakened state, Mukuro explains to Chrome Dukuro that it is up to her to win the fight. Drawing power from both her trust in Mukuro and the Vongola Ring, Chrome's illusions become far more effective, to where even Glo can't tell whether or not they are real. The fight soon concludes in a victory for Chrome, and the future Ryohei is introduced at the very end of the episode.
92 Cover
Entrusted Selection

Yudanerareta Sentaku
#92 July 19, 2008
Chrome is brought back back by Ryohei to the Vongola Hideout, and delivers the message the thesurviving Vongola family members—including the Varia—along with several Alliance families, are planning to attack the Millefiore family in just five days. With the 7 Guardians finally reassembled, it is up to Tsuna to decide whether or not they will participate in the attack.
93 Cover
Emergency Alert Level D

Kinkyū Keikai Reberu D
#93 July 26, 2008
Due to the Dellinger Phenomenon, the sun has interfered with all signals and has caused technical difficulties worldwide. Because of this, the defenses within the hideout are turned off and the setting becomes dangerous. Reborn explains a little about the Negative Tre ne Sette rays and how the Arcobaleno are affected, and he fears for Lal's life because she is a defective Arcobaleno. She seems to be affected more than Reborn. Meanwhile, Lambo and I-Pin have gotten themselves stuck inside the second power supply room and become blocked in when the backup defenses are turned on. Lambo has destroyed part of the control and the room suddenly becomes dangerously overheated. Finally, it takes Tsuna in his Dying-Will Mode to open the doors and release the children.
94 Cover
True Natures Revealed

Abakareta Shōtai
#94 August 2, 2008
As Tsuna trains thoroughly for the raid in five days, Lal Milch is experiencing problems due to the Negative Seven Rays, so she excuses Tsuna to check on Yamamoto and Gokudera. It seems that Yamamoto needs more training, and Gokudera has flaked off from his training. Meanwhile, in Millefiore HQ, Byakuran has found out that Leonardo Lippi is an impostor whose real name is Guido Greco, a man who murdered 15 men and escaped from prison a year ago, similar to that of Mukuro. Byakuran finally reveals that Guido is also Mukuro, and they engage in a battle. Meanwhile, Tsuna finds out Lal's condition and starts to worry, but Lal Milch lectures him on 'choosing the right hell.' Ryohei meets up with Hibari to discuss the current situation and starts a quarrel. While Tsuna worries about what to do, Lambo comes in and doodles on Tsuna's legs, making him angry and scream at Haru, who apologizes and leaves. Reborn enters and says that Chrome is in deep trouble, as it seems that Rokudo has been defeated.
95 Cover

#95 August 9, 2008
Chrome's condition has been stabilized after Hibari tells her it is her duty to live as the Mist Guardian. She uses the Vongola Ring and creates incomplete organs, enough to keep her alive. Tsuna, after examining the situation, tells them the raid will begin in five days.
96 Cover
X Burner (Episode)

Ikusu Bānā
#96 August 23, 2008
Tsuna apologizes to Haru and Lambo and thanks to them, figures out that behind power, is support. Tsuna tries to release a "hard flame" with "soft flame" supporting him, but fails because he can not find the balance. While unconscious after blasting into a wall, Tsuna and Chrome are sent dreams by Rokudo Mokuro of a strange white "box".Gokudera has finally mastered the Systema C.A.I. and finding a small cat in one of the boxes.
97 Cover
Large Pursuit

#97 August 30, 2008
Gokudera's kitten box weapon dashes off and Gokudera makes chase. Recaps of Goukerdera and Tsuna in the future arc starting with episode 74.
98 Cover

#98 September 6, 2008
Byakuran calls Irie and tells him that Mukuro has been defeated and that he was found to be transmitting data, possibly to the Vongola Tenth. Byakuran tells Irie that he is the most important person in that base and must escape if they invade the base. Irie for some hidden reason, can't leave. Irie calls all the Milliefore Japan members in the base and tells them he shall leading the base now. The members are outraged and prepare to attack Irie until a swordsman by the name of Genkishi tells them anyone who opposes master Irie will be killed. Irie becomes the boss of the base. Afterwards the Vongola have received the data transmitted by Mukuro. In it was the picture of the white box Tsuna saw in his dreams. Training is resumed and Reborn gives Yamamoto a box about the sword emperor.
99 Cover
Last Ordeal

Saishū Shiren
#99 September 13, 2008
Yamamoto watches DVD's of Squalo's battles swordsman in order to learn from them. Tsuna's training with Hibari continues, this time, he tries to use his Vongola Gloves to fire off flames. Yamamoto manages to create a tenth technique for the Shigure no Shouen Style. Yamamoto's training is complete.
100 Cover
Rushing Into The Last Night

Totsunyū Zenya
#100 September 20, 2008
Yamamoto and Gokudera have finished their training. Meanwhile, Tsuna loses his charm made by Kyoko. Later, he bumps into her and she gives him it back, then the first black spell battle is recapped. Also, Hibari reveals that the Millefiore battle simulation reveals a 0.0024% chance of success for Vongola. Thanks to Glo Xinia, Millefiore now knows where the Vongola Base is.
101 Cover
Night Raid

#101 September 27, 2008
Tsuna and the others prepare for their attack the next day. They've been given Marmon covers on their rings which will hide them, dying will resistant clothing, and a communication system. Meanwhile the Millefiore digs their way underground and ends up at where the transmitter was. It turns out Hibari noticed the transmitter and carried it there to lure the Millefiore members away from the base.

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